1 October 2014

Presents the latest national statistics on BreastScreen, which aims to reduce illness and death resulting from breast cancer through organised screening to detect cases of unsuspected breast cancer in women, thus enabling early intervention.

30 September 2014

In the flurry of post-election book launches, there’s been much analysis of what’s gone wrong with Australian politics. The newDemocracy Foundation argues that it’s not better politicians we need, but a better democracy.

30 September 2014

Explores the factors influencing tenant choices to remain in or depart from public housing.

30 September 2014

This report examines static and dynamic risk factors in an Australian sample of parental child sex offenders and the predictive strength of those factors regarding reoffending with or without a treatment intervention.

30 September 2014

This paper examines how Australian Customs can increase Australia’s trade competitiveness at a time when goods and services are increasingly produced across borders in so- called ‘global value chains’.

30 September 2014

Reveals the effects of the pressures being placed on the planet and explores the implications for society.

30 September 2014

Introduces a study aimed to shed light on the settlement pathways and outcomes of newly arrived humanitarian migrants, focusing particularly on the factors that promote or hinder a successful transition.

30 September 2014

This article outlines a prospective longitudinal study on the wellbeing of children placed in out-of-home care in New South Wales and the factors that influence their wellbeing.

30 September 2014

Examines the experiences of 15 case study charities drawn from subsectors in which there was anecdotal evidence of significant red tape and where research on the burdens imposed was lacking: social welfare, other education (excluding schools and universities) and health/aged care.

29 September 2014

Solar power enhances energy diversity and hedges against price volatility of fossil fuels, thus stabilising costs of electricity generation in the long term, argues this report.

28 September 2014

This paper recommends more public discussion, including an education campaign, about the limits of health care as death approaches and the need to focus on end-of-life care.

26 September 2014

In 2012-13, Australia's 601 private hospitals accounted for 45% of the country's 1,347 hospitals and 34% of all hospital beds, finds this report.

Topic Guides

23 September 2014

This guide outlines best practice for the publication and sharing of sensitive research data in the Australian context.

3 September 2014

With the NZ national election due to take place on Saturday 20 September, this quick guide explains the Mixed Member Proportional voting system (MMP), campaign spending rules as well as how to vote on the day.

22 August 2014

A new resource from ACELG will assist rural, remote and Indigenous (RRI) local governments improve their engagement with the communities they serve. While there are numerous resources available about community engagement, this is the only toolkit specially designed for the needs and circumstances of RRI councils