15 September 2016

Residential group-care workers have a critical role to play in recognizing mental health problems amongst children in their care. However, little is known about the extent to which workers recognize and respond to mental health and behavioral concerns

29 July 2016

The Indigenous Investment Principles guide Indigenous nations to effectively manage their financial capital for the benefit of both current and future generations. Here, members of the Drafting Group explain the need for these Principles, as well as the Group’s hopes for how they will be applied.

28 July 2016

This paper provides a summary of some issues that arise from the operation of Noel Pearson's Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy in Aurukun.

27 July 2016

The aim of this paper is to summarise and provide analyses of the considerable body of research that investigates the costs and benefits of vocational education and training (VET).

27 July 2016

This research analyses the link between house prices, mortgage debt, and labour supply using HILDA data from 2001 to 2012 to see if labour supply changes due to house prices or mortgage debt, and whether this affects some types of households more than others.

27 July 2016

This paper is a useful tool to inform the policy environment and engage with other sectors to further enhance and support urban liveability. 

26 July 2016

The Victorian suicide prevention framework provides a whole-of-government commitment and coordinated strategy to reduce the suicide toll.

25 July 2016

This report reveals that harnessing the power of an older workforce could deliver gains of up to $78 billion for the Australian economy.

25 July 2016

The Trade and Assistance Review 2014-15 contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry.

25 July 2016

This article considers the changing expectations of communities towards local government, and looks at the inherent opportunities local governments possess to appreciate the unique needs of their own regions.