November 2002

Working paper

1 Dec 2002

Using what has been labelled a 'carrot and stick' approach, the Howard government implemented the Private Health Insurance Incentives Scheme, the Private Health Insurance Incentives Act 1998 and the lifetime community rating. At various times prior to and since the implementation of these policies, there...



13 Nov 2002

We have the chance to demonstrate that this is a region in which difference is respected, history negotiated, and plurality celebrated, argues Tony Milner.


Australian engagement with Asia seems to be getting more difficult. The Bali tragedy and developments occurring...



8 Nov 2002

John Quiggin reports on the powerful interests trying to bring the internet to heel

THE great paradox of the information age was apparently first summarised in 1984, by Stewart Brand, now with the Sante Fe Institute: “On the one hand information wants to...