Built & Natural Environments

5 May 2016

Many households and businesses already attach battery storage to their clean energy systems. Now is the time to grow the industry, encourage the take-up of storage and help make Australia a...

3 May 2016

Young people with disability living in nursing homes are one of the most marginalised and isolated groups of people in our society. More than 6,200 people under the age of 65 are stuck in nursing...

29 April 2016

Turnbull Government plan representing a new framework for cities policy at the federal level, that will guide action across various portfolios, to deliver better outcomes for our cities, the...

28 April 2016

The Greens 2016 election campaign policy relating to housing affordability, negative gearing and capital gains tax reforms.

27 April 2016

This policy proposes six key elements to achieve a low-pollution economy.

26 April 2016

This report examines some essential ingredients required to enable small cities to succeed and grow.

25 April 2016

This report argues that changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax would save the Commonwealth Government about $5.3 billion a year.

20 April 2016

The Victorian Government has developed the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy to help communities be better prepared for future floods.

Other text
19 April 2016

This resource discusses soil microbiology, soil microbiological ecosystems and research into the analysis and maintenance of healthy soils and soil biological fertility, with Dr Peter Keating,...

18 April 2016

Outlines the goals of ASPI’s Risk and Resilience Program.