Built & Natural Environments

7 July 2014

Housing reforms in remote Indigenous communities have resulted in a variety of tenancy management arrangements involving state, community and private housing sectors. This project identified different models of tenancy management, considered their housing outcomes, and shared the policy and practice lessons across jurisdictions.

30 June 2014

This submission was provided to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade to inform them on the context of private sector engagement in the Pacific island region.

26 June 2014

This audit identified gaps and inconsistencies in Victoria's approach to identifying projects to be subject to High Value High Risk (HVHR) review, and the need for improved management of the process.

25 June 2014

Transport Safety Victoria cannot demonstrate that it is effectively and efficiently regulating marine safety, according to this audit.

25 June 2014

This audit finds deficiencies in the Department of Environment and Primary Industries’ management of the Environmental Contribution Levy.

25 June 2014

Signed on 25 June 2004, the National Water Initiative was an intergovernmental agreement between the Australian, state and territory governments and aimed to improve the management of the nation's water resources and provide greater certainty for future investment.

23 June 2014

This paper attempts to put a dollar figure on the value of state assistance to the mining industry.

23 June 2014

This report, which benchmarks Australian attitudes to climate change, argues that political leaders risk being stuck in the past as public attitudes on climate change and its solutions are on the rebound.

23 June 2014

New Zealand needs a shared pathway toward a global low-emission future and the role of emission pricing.

19 June 2014

The Pacific region faces a number of key transitions across range of areas including politics and democracy, development and economics, women's leadership, gender roles and relations, and the impact of technology on society.