Built & Natural Environments

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22 July 2016

Interview with Nick Cleary, Consolidated Land and Rail Australia Chairman, and Geofrey Clifton, from the University of Sydney, to discuss another new, privately-funded plan to build a high-speed...

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22 July 2016

This report exmaines the current state of the National Wild Dog Action Plan, which aims to improve the coordination of wild dog control programs Australia-wide.

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21 July 2016

Report on the release of a Productivity Commission draft report examining the federal government's plans for further regulation of foreign investment in agricultural land.

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16 July 2016

Tom Nightingale reports on a new study which contradicts the political justifications for spending billions of taxpayer dollars on sports stadiums around Australia.

15 July 2016

This report is the official state government projection of population and households, which is used by the Victorian government to manage growth and plan the delivery of infrastructure and...

13 July 2016

This research examines the transformation of public housing in the USA, Canada, Germany and Austria, and found Austria to be a leading example of a sustainable affordable housing industry. 

8 July 2016

A ten week surge in ocean temperatures off the Western Australian coast has killed off large patches of kelp forest, the 'biological engine' of Australia's southern reefs.

Discussion paper
5 July 2016

This paper explores the policy challenge of how Australia should address the water-related aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals to deliver equity and wellbeing, both within its own borders...

4 July 2016

Presents the technical findings of a two-year study which sought to identify effective infrastructure improvements to reduce motorcycle crash risk and crash severity, based on how riders perceive...