Built & Natural Environments

3 February 2016

This article discusses the barriers faced by non-white house hunters in Sydney.

29 January 2016

Emissions grew 1.3 per cent over FY15 – the first increase in fiscal year emissions since 2005-06, ten years ago, when Australian emissions reached their historic peak, according to this report....

Briefing paper
22 January 2016

This research project developed and trialled a new social housing performance assessment framework. Such a framework would better help policy-makers understand how social landlords allocate...

21 January 2016

2015 was the hottest year on record globally. Climate change was a major factor in driving the record-breaking heat in 2015 world wide, according to this report.


7 January 2016

This project considers the remedies available to a property owner affected by a neighbour’s tree or hedge which creates a barrier to sunlight or to a view.

EvaluationTechnical report
31 December 2015

This report compares the effect of increasing the number of wind turbine generators on transmission line congestion in the Australian National Electricity Market’s (NEM) under the existing...

31 December 2015

Summarises Australia’s progress towards meeting its commitments under the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Technical report
24 December 2015

Answering urgent questions concerning the capability of the existing transmission grid to cope with significant increases in wind power and aid emissions reductions, this report investigates the...

24 December 2015

The Quarterly Update of Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory provides estimates of Australia’s national inventory up to the June quarter of 2015.

Discussion paper
22 December 2015

This issues paper will assist individuals and organisations to prepare submissions to the public inquiry into Regulation of Agriculture due on 12 February.