Built & Natural Environments

11 July 2014

This paper considers the challenges facing Indonesia's incoming president, providing a broad picture of what the country might look like in 2020.

10 July 2014

Is it possible for the worlds of money and art to co-exist without the interests of one seeping into the other? Or is there a method for financially supporting the arts without compromise?

10 July 2014

This paper is designed to demystify the Renewable Energy Target, look at what it has achieved and what it is capable of achieving, and to consider the challenges it faces in the near future.

10 July 2014

This report argues that there are eight highly persistent myths about the nature of housing markets in Australia, and seeks to tackle them.

8 July 2014

In this public forum, speakers discussed China's climate, energy and urbanisation policies, the US administration's latest energy and climate policy announcements, both countries' positions going into the post-2020 UN climate negotiations, and strategic implications.

7 July 2014

Provides a summary of the status of water plans across Australia.

7 July 2014

Housing reforms in remote Indigenous communities have resulted in a variety of tenancy management arrangements involving state, community and private housing sectors. This project identified different models of tenancy management, considered their housing outcomes, and shared the policy and practice lessons across jurisdictions.

6 July 2014

This report recommends a change to the way consumers pay for the network that carries electricity from generators to homes, so that it better reflects the cost of running the network.

30 June 2014

This submission was provided to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade to inform them on the context of private sector engagement in the Pacific island region.

26 June 2014

This audit identified gaps and inconsistencies in Victoria's approach to identifying projects to be subject to High Value High Risk (HVHR) review, and the need for improved management of the process.