Built & Natural Environments

20 May 2015

Some of Australia's brightest thinkers and industry figures on energy will meet today for a symposium on 'the Intelligent Grid'.

18 May 2015

A credit downgrade may be just the catalyst required to spark Canberra into action.

15 May 2015

At present burning woodchips or other native forest biomass, is not a certified form of renewable energy under the Renewable Energy Target. Including native biomass burning in the RET will cause a...

13 May 2015

This report combines homelessness and public housing data in order to better understand the clients of both. It shows that specialist homelessness agencies were very successful in assisting...

11 May 2015

This report lays out three steps for a smooth transition to a zero-carbon future and provides data, examples and policy advice to help countries makes the shift.

11 May 2015

This Research and Policy Bulletin provides details of the key findings and policy implications from the completed AHURI research project "The housing security consequences of underemployment."

8 May 2015

This report argues that Australia's housing market is not meeting the needs of all Australians, which is reflected in declining home ownership rates, and recommends extensive reforms.

6 May 2015

This audit found that Victoria has not yet secured full value for money from the Melbourne Metropolitan Bus Franchise arrangements, despite achieving almost $33 million in cost savings in 2013–14...

4 May 2015

An interactive word cloud, drawn together based on conversations taking place on Twitter right now.

30 April 2015

This audit assessed the effectiveness of the Attorney-General’s Department’s administration of the terms of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements Ministerial determination.