Built & Natural Environments

27 August 2014

The major forms of marginal rental housing vary in quality, security and availability of services and can be categorised into a typology useful for policy-makers.

26 August 2014

Australia is facing an “investment gap” in agricultural research and development, according this paper, which argues that current levels of investment are insufficient to address the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

22 August 2014

The mining boom boosted real per capita household disposable income by 13 per cent by 2013, according to this paper.

21 August 2014

More Australian home owners are using housing equity withdrawal to unlock financial resources to fund living expenses, especially in retirement. This paper argues that policy is needed to address potential adverse consequences of these strategies.

20 August 2014

Minimising the environmental impacts of the Victorian transport system has been a legislated objective since 2010, but the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure has not adequately addressed this when developing the state's strategic transport and land-use planning framework, according to this audit.

20 August 2014

Provides rankings for the liveability of 140 cities worldwide. The top ten liveable cities include Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Auckland.

20 August 2014

This report shows that over 1 million people are living in private rental accommodation in Victoria. These tenants occupy around a quarter of all households across the state.

18 August 2014

No arguments seem to sway right-wing politicians and commentators in the United States and Australia. Will we have to wait for demography to do its work?

18 August 2014

This report argues that when it comes to reducing the Renewable Energy Target, the winners will be the big power companies while the losers would be households.

16 August 2014

Contains current counts and summaries of road crash deaths and fatal road crashes in Australia.