Built & Natural Environments

17 September 2014

The focus on the potential damage to Australian thermal coal exports from the Chinese bans will be insignificant when compared to the decline in prices and demand for Australia's commodity exports over coming years.

16 September 2014

This paper provides an overview of water availability in Australia, the major sources of water and the spatial and time challenges limiting access to water resources.

15 September 2014

This plan is intended to guide the sustainability and management of the Great Barrier Reef, to continue efforts to protect species such as turtles and dugongs, and deal with key threats like poor water quality and crown-of-thorns starfish.

13 September 2014

The politics of climate change has been one of the most difficult and divisive issues of our times.

12 September 2014

This study of marine debris finds that Australia's coastal rubbish is mainly plastic from Australian sources.

11 September 2014

With responsibility for the protection and preservation of Australia’s environment set to fall under the purview of each state, Professor Fowler questions how state governments will be able to negotiate international treaty obligations.

10 September 2014

What happens to democracy when the fossil fuel industry collides with global warming?

8 September 2014

Clear government policy measures must be taken to alleviate public concerns of foreign investment, while delivering more avenues for the production of healthy, ready-to-consume food products for Australians, argues this report.

5 September 2014

This paper is the outcome of Australian, state and territory governments agreeing to consult to develop a more sophisticated and consistent framework to assess and evaluate major infrastructure projects.

4 September 2014

The degree of uncertainty as to whether observed climate changes are due to human activity or are part of natural systems fluctuations remains a major stumbling block to effective adaptation action and risk management, according this report.