Business & Economics

30 October 2014

Wayne Swan spoke with Sally Warhaft about his time as treasurer, key moments of his economic management of Australia, and the infamously complex relationships within the party.

29 October 2014

This Government discussion paper has been released to seek consultation on options to support the translation of research into commercial outcomes.

28 October 2014

This quick guide looks at the level of Australia’s foreign debt, the interest liability on foreign debt and how these have changed over time.

27 October 2014

Imposing the GST on different types of imports has been a contentious topic for some time. Different parts of Australian society stand to benefit or lose significantly depending on how, or whether, the system is changed. This paper outlines the regulatory framework, including the relationship between online shopping and the low value threshold.

27 October 2014

Are there different means to achieving the same sustainable prosperity and social well-being for all?

23 October 2014

This compilation provides an overview of the issues and challenges identified by academics as needing to be addressed when thinking about the recommendations of the Forrest Review and the impact they could have on people's lives if implemented.​

23 October 2014

Provides a guide to the policies that G20 members will have to tackle to achieve the G20’s 2 per cent growth target, drawing on the recommendations of the IMF, OECD and a number of international think tanks.

22 October 2014

This week's elections in Brazil will take place while the recently buoyant economy has stagnated.

21 October 2014

Using the latest available data and research, this paper provides estimates of the likely economic and social benefits of increasing Indigenous employment to the same level as in the non-Indigenous population.

20 October 2014

The New South Wales economy has overtaken Western Australia where the fading mining boom has seen it lose ground in terms of population growth, retail trade and investment.