Culture & Communications

21 July 2014

With the ongoing transition to broadband-based telephony, the ACMA is examining changing use of fixed-line telephone services. This snapshot focuses on older Australians—those aged 65 years and over—and their use of fixed-line telephone services connected in the home, as well as their ownership and use of mobile phones. 


21 July 2014

A political party funded by internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has entered New Zealand's politics to help build a new movement of the left.

18 July 2014

This is a question that can be addressed empirically. Regrettably the answer is 'No'.

17 July 2014

This report outlines the 2013 results of the TELA Laptops Scheme School Survey, which was a program funded by the New Zealand government to lease laptops to principals and teachers.

16 July 2014

Online vacancies for skilled jobs in New Zealand grew by 2.5 per cent in June, while all vacancies increased by 1.7 per cent.

16 July 2014

An open source platform providing access to critical information on natural disasters to all Australians is needed to protect life and property, according to this report.

14 July 2014

The Australian waded into the tobacco packaging debate with a series of blunt assertions, then responded to the counter-evidence by digging in.

14 July 2014

This paper describes the cyber safety issues emerging from a range of technology trends, how different populations are using technologies and the risks they face, and how we can effectively respond to each group’s unique cyber safety needs.

11 July 2014

Tennant Creek has developed innovative ways of dealing with social media. But the initiatives are languishing, partly for lack of funding.

10 July 2014

Provides a statistical overview of culture in Australia, containing information on a range of topics including employment in culture, time spent on cultural activities, attendances at cultural venues and events, expenditure on culture, and imports and exports of cultural goods and services.