Culture & Communications

30 September 2014

The Federal Government's draft Harper Competition Review calls for a root and branch rethink of the way we regulate commerce, including old established industries that are being revolutionised by on-line and smart-phone technology.

28 September 2014

There's a growing public disenchantment with democracy and the modern political process. So, here's a solution: citizens’ juries—ordinary people who are given the information and training to make decisions on civic issues.

23 September 2014

This guide outlines best practice for the publication and sharing of sensitive research data in the Australian context.

17 September 2014

The trend for online job vacancies in New Zealand fell in August, according to this paper on vacancies advertised on the two main internet job boards – SEEK and Trade Me Jobs.

17 September 2014

With the volume of digital forensic evidence rapidly increasing, this paper proposes a data reduction and data mining framework that incorporates a process of reducing data volume by focusing on a subset of information.

16 September 2014

This article argues that current laws are ill-equipped to deal with the multifaceted threats to individual privacy by governments, corporations and our own need to participate in the information society.

15 September 2014

CUE is the quarterly magazine from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Government. This issue puts forward ideas for achieving deliberative democracy, e-democracy or open government at both central and local government levels, within New Zealand and in the Asia Pacific region.

13 September 2014

A panel of artists discusses what it means to be a 21st Century Indigenous art practitioner and how their artistic practices are helping to forge a fresh path to the future.

12 September 2014

Evidence from across the world is telling us that no matter where they are from, more and more children are relying on digital tools, platforms and services to learn, engage, participate, play, innovate, work or socialise.