Culture & Communications

17 September 2014

With the volume of digital forensic evidence rapidly increasing, this paper proposes a data reduction and data mining framework that incorporates a process of reducing data volume by focusing on a subset of information.

15 September 2014

CUE is the quarterly magazine from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Government. This issue puts forward ideas for achieving deliberative democracy, e-democracy or open government at both central and local government levels, within New Zealand and in the Asia Pacific region.

13 September 2014

A panel of artists discusses what it means to be a 21st Century Indigenous art practitioner and how their artistic practices are helping to forge a fresh path to the future.

10 September 2014

This report analyses the current state of whistleblower protection rules in each of the G20 countries, applying to the identification of wrongdoing in both the public and private sectors.

8 September 2014

Is copying really so bad after all?

4 September 2014

Most students and teachers carry a mobile device with them for personal and often work related reasons but there is scarce empirical research considering the impact of this fact.

4 September 2014

This edited collection contains eleven major case studies and one general review of rhetorical contest in Australian politics.

3 September 2014

This report provides the legal design of a tort to deal with serious invasions of privacy in the digital era, and makes sixteen other recommendations that would strengthen people’s privacy in the digital environment.

1 September 2014

Since its publication in August, Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand’s political environment has dominated the political agenda.

29 August 2014

What is the historical significance of settler economies?