Culture & Communications

30 July 2014

This paper outlines the Australian Government’s proposed approach to amending the Copyright Act 1968 and invites submissions from the public.

30 July 2014

This discussion document sets out the key issues being considered as part of this review of New Zealand's Radiocommunications Act 1989, the first substantial review since the mid- 1990s.

29 July 2014

In this panel discussion Zoe Daniel from ABC Foreign Correspondent and Stan Grant from Sky News share their experiences working in the field as Australian foreign correspondents.

24 July 2014

What is the future of international cross-cultural relations? And what is the value of creative diplomacy?

24 July 2014

This article argues that the Australian Army must continue to learn from the experience of recent deployments and develop an awareness of cyber forensic operations.

22 July 2014

The ABC’s international broadcasting to the Pacific islands is being devastated by the latest round of staffing cuts.

21 July 2014

With the ongoing transition to broadband-based telephony, the ACMA is examining changing use of fixed-line telephone services. This snapshot focuses on older Australians—those aged 65 years and over—and their use of fixed-line telephone services connected in the home, as well as their ownership and use of mobile phones. 


21 July 2014

A political party funded by internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has entered New Zealand's politics to help build a new movement of the left.

18 July 2014

This is a question that can be addressed empirically. Regrettably the answer is 'No'.

17 July 2014

This report outlines the 2013 results of the TELA Laptops Scheme School Survey, which was a program funded by the New Zealand government to lease laptops to principals and teachers.