Education & Training

20 October 2016

This report describes a collaborative two-year action research project which aimed to identify influences on engagement and disengagement with learning of students in Years 5 to 8.

19 October 2016

No young person must be allowed to leave school to nothing - no job, no further training, no hope. The Salvation Army is issuing this challenge to the New Zealand community in this report, focused...

18 October 2016

The generality of the umbrella term 'STEM' as a synonym for a diverse group of skills and academic fields poses various problems in terms of workforce planning and targeted interventions.

18 October 2016

This paper explores ways to measure how the vocational education and training (VET) sector is contributing to the development of STEM-related skills.

Briefing paper
17 October 2016

Provides an update on domestic undergraduate student enrolment and equity outcomes from 2008 to 2015.

Annual Report
13 October 2016

The department is responsible for delivering and regulating statewide learning and development services to at least one third of all Victorians every year across the early childhood, school...

Journal article
13 October 2016

Global education consultant, Charles Leadbeater, identifies four features of innovative schools essential to prepare students for the changing world or work. They centre around developing students...

Audio interview
5 October 2016

The federal government is finally moving to rein in the VET FEE-HELP vocational student loan scheme that has been widely rorted and has cost the budget billions of dollars.

Discussion paper
30 September 2016

A collection of articles on national education policy was posted to the TJ Ryan Foundation website during this year’s federal election campaign.

29 September 2016

This draft report aims to assist individuals and organisations to participate in the Commissions's inquiry into "new models of tertiary education” in New Zealand.