Education & Training

26 September 2016

This website presents a major initiative from the Australian Library and Information Association to advocate for a fair, open, democratic society where information belongs to everyone.

22 September 2016

This research aims to shed light on the role of private providers in delivering training to a particular cohort of learners - young people who have left school early.

21 September 2016

With education ministers meeting this week to discuss school funding, a close look at the figures reveals large differences between states and sectors.

Blog post
19 September 2016

Mike Masnick looks at a recent Indian court decision regarding the photocopying of text books and 'fair use.'

15 September 2016

Provides key information on: the output of educational institutions; the impact of learning across countries; the financial and human resources invested in education; access, participation and...

Journal article
8 September 2016

This article discusses a university-community partnership that had broad goals to promote social, economic, educational and cultural links between the university and people living nearby who had...

6 September 2016

Governments began watering down Gonski’s school-funding recommendations right from the start, says panel member Ken Boston. But New South Wales shows how it could have been.

6 September 2016

This draft report sets out the capabilities that governments need to drive the creation and use of a national education evidence base.

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5 September 2016

This paper examines the extension of the apprenticeship and traineeship system and the opening up of the training market, as well as three specific policy case studies.

1 September 2016

This joint publication of Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC), details the medical standards for driver licensing for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities...