Education & Training

28 August 2014

Examines how four exemplary teachers of junior classes in two primary schools went about supporting the vocabulary development of their students during shared reading.

24 August 2014

Education, health and the economy are the three big issues in any election.

22 August 2014

Sets out some of the early findings from a pilot project to explore the qualities that future-oriented teachers might need and how those qualities might be developed.

21 August 2014

Examines key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies for their potential impact on academic and research libraries worldwide

20 August 2014

Examines whether school characteristics can influence the emotional and cognitive engagement of 15-year-olds with school.

20 August 2014

This annotated bibliography aims to summarise many of the themes to which Jon Altman, foundation director of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, has dedicated his career to date.

18 August 2014

Who writes history? And how does that dictate who makes the main story, and who we relegate to the margins?

15 August 2014

This short paper presents lessons from the field from an Aboriginal cultural consultant and a non-Aboriginal health researcher.

14 August 2014

The loss of arts and sports data is shortsighted, ill considered and to the detriment of good governance.