Health & Wellbeing

31 October 2014

If the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to be an effective policy for Indigenous Australians, it needs to take into account their particular needs and aspirations.

30 October 2014

A consistent theme shared by this expert panel was that when it comes to housing, people with disability want the same as most people.

29 October 2014

New UNICEF research shows an additional 2.6 million children have been pushed below the poverty line in rich countries bringing to 76.5 million the total number of children now living in poverty.

28 October 2014

Provides an overview of selected social and economic characteristics of people using subsidised mental health-related services and subsidised prescription medication including the type of services or medication these people are accessing.

27 October 2014

This paper recommends incorporating a focus on resilience in anti-racism strategies and suggest a framework for doing so which builds on the factors understood to promote resilience in those vulnerable to racism.

27 October 2014

Provides information on antenatal care, live births, low birthweight babies, hospitalisations (all and selected causes), disability, mortality, child protection, juvenile justice, alcohol and other drug use and aged care for 29 remote Indigenous communities.

26 October 2014

With HIV infections in Australia at a 20-year high, there’s a push to subsidise a daily pill that can stop transmission, but health professionals and the gay community are split over the drug.

26 October 2014

This report is a compilation of the latest available Victorian cancer statistics.

24 October 2014

This report presents 15 maternity clinical indicators by maternity facility and district health board region for births in 2012 and shows trends in these indicators since 2009.

24 October 2014

This report describes deaths in the Australian population that result from 3 chronic diseases, acting alone or together: cardiovascular disease (including coronary heart disease and stroke), diabetes and chronic kidney disease.