Health & Wellbeing

1 August 2014

Examines the health literacy experiences among Māori and their whānau carers who use palliative care.

31 July 2014

Alcohol causes 15 deaths and hospitalises 430 Australians every day, according to this report.

30 July 2014

Aims to improve violence intervention programme (VIP) responsiveness to Māori by sharing success stories and ‘lessons learned’ from the VIP programmes that are already working well for Māori.

30 July 2014

This paper sets out six key areas for policy change in the way young people leaving out-of-home care and transitioning to independent living are supported.

28 July 2014

Investigates whether the profile of factors protecting psychosocial functioning of high risk exposed Australian Aboriginal youth are the same as those promoting psychosocial functioning in low risk exposed youth.

28 July 2014

This report argues that a new vision for funding health in Australia based on the Singapore model could be achieved by applying the principle of choice for those who wish for an alternative to Australia’s taxpayer-funded, universal health care system.

27 July 2014

Identifying the most vulnerable children even before they're born could improve the lives of Maori and Pacific children.

25 July 2014

This is the seventeenth annual comprehensive report on child protection, and for the first time includes: unique counts of children receiving child protection services in each jurisdiction; the number of substantiations per child; co-occurring types of abuse and neglect; socioeconomic status; and 'average day' measures.

22 July 2014

This paper presents findings from an evaluation of culturally and linguistically diverse measures identified in 43 data sets and assessment instruments, and recommendations for implementing the ‘top-10’ measures in aged care data sets.

21 July 2014

How far have we come in fighting AIDS, and do we have enough funds to continue?