16 September 2014

Over the last twelve months, the total number of prisoners across Australia jumped 11% to 34,000. Why is this happening? Is it a reaction to a crime wave? Are there better ways to tackle crime?

10 September 2014

This recording is of a Per Capita event and book lauch with Wayne Swan and George Megalogenis at the State Library of Victoria on 21 August 2014. 

9 September 2014

Professor Suzanne Cory reflects on where medical science has come from and where it is heading, drawing out implications for health and the economy.

1 September 2014

Strategy has a part to play in the complex big policy challenges that are faced at a national level. But what is it exactly and do we do it well?

1 September 2014

Political donations, electoral funding and how they should be regulated. Reforming campaign finance rules is a difficult process in Australia and overseas. But NSW Liberal party premier Mike Baird wants to reform the electoral funding legislation before the 2015 state election.

28 August 2014

Addresses a number of key issues confronting Australian scientists and researchers.

28 August 2014

Bill Laurence highlights the impacts of rapid road expansion on native ecosystems and wildlife, and discusses a paper he published today in Nature called A global strategy for road building, an innovative zoning scheme to define where on Earth future roads should and should not go.

25 August 2014

Does the ABC, or the Murdoch or Fairfax press, have a discernible political or philosophical bias?

24 August 2014

Education, health and the economy are the three big issues in any election.

24 August 2014

In the last few years prescriptions of opioids for chronic pain have skyrocketed, creating a new wave of drug addicts.