21 July 2014

How far have we come in fighting AIDS, and do we have enough funds to continue?

20 July 2014

The Abbott government and a group of investors are pinning their environmental hopes on a clean coal technology that is still in the very early stages of development.

16 July 2014

Two CEOs from the Australian Roundtable for Disaster Resilience and Safer Communities discuss their new report calling for money and effort to be invested in preventing natural disasters.

10 July 2014

Should we shrink the public sector and give the market a greater share? Two economists, an ex-politician and the CEO of ACOSS, discuss.

6 July 2014

America's so-called "rebalance" towards the Asia-Pacific is thought to be prompted by the rising presence of China in the region. But could that also put New Zealand in a difficult position as it tries to balance its important relationships with both the US and China?

27 June 2014

The rise and rise of the mining sector and the fly in fly out worker may be paying the bills for thousands of families, but there is growing understanding of the adverse impacts on relationships.

25 June 2014

Council of Australian Governments Chair John Brumby gives his view of the strengths and weaknesses of the federal system.

22 June 2014

The AFL's expert concussion group has attacked evidence of long term brain injuries resulting from contact sports, accusing scientists of dodgy research and fear mongering.

16 June 2014

Tony Abbott doesn't want the G20 agenda cluttered by subjects that would detract from economic growth but Oxfam International argues that wealth inequality must be considered and has commissioned a poll that suggests Australians agree.

15 June 2014

Does New Zealand still need the same kind of Defence Force?