30 September 2014

The Federal Government's draft Harper Competition Review calls for a root and branch rethink of the way we regulate commerce, including old established industries that are being revolutionised by on-line and smart-phone technology.

29 September 2014

What happens when this highly mobile species faces a ‘perfect storm’ of threats from urban sprawl, clearing of nesting and roosting habitat and even its last refugia, an introduced species of pine, is being logged.

28 September 2014

There's a growing public disenchantment with democracy and the modern political process. So, here's a solution: citizens’ juries—ordinary people who are given the information and training to make decisions on civic issues.

28 September 2014

What legacy has nearly a decade of military rule left behind in Fiji, and what challenges lie ahead?

25 September 2014

Nick Watts explains the links between climate and health, what we have to be optimistic about, and the crucial challenges that lay ahead.

23 September 2014

What sort of latitude should we grant our security and intelligence services to engage, prevent and protect us from attack? What’s the trade off between personal privacy and national security?

16 September 2014

Over the past five years, the average household power bill has risen 85 per cent.

16 September 2014

Over the last twelve months, the total number of prisoners across Australia jumped 11% to 34,000. Why is this happening? Is it a reaction to a crime wave? Are there better ways to tackle crime?

14 September 2014

A common provision allowing foreign investors to sue host governments has become a ticking time bomb inside trade agreements like the soon to be signed Trans Pacific Partnership.

10 September 2014

This recording is of a Per Capita event and book lauch with Wayne Swan and George Megalogenis at the State Library of Victoria on 21 August 2014.