16 April 2014

A new study has found that Australian children are struggling with managing and saving money, and understanding financial risk.


Ian Ramsay, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

13 April 2014

Demelza Leslie explores if bold trade targets with China are achievable.

5 April 2014

Archaeologists have revised the dates for when humans first settled in New Zealand.  It is now thought humans settled just 750 years ago.

4 April 2014

Regional Victoria's live music industry has been valued at more than $270 million in a recent report complied by Music Victoria, and there is a call for other states to make the same measures.

31 March 2014

Lord Professor John Krebs, a member of the UK Committee on Climate Change, speaks with Robin Williams about what the UK and Europe are doing to prepare for, and respond to, climate change and what action Australia should be taking.

26 March 2014

In the annual Manning Clark lecture, former West Australian Premier and academic, Geoff Gallop, looks at the history of Australian republicanism. He argues that a republic will only emerge from...

23 March 2014

Megan Whelan explores access to mental health services in the face of a suicide rate that is resistant to change.

New Zealand is still struggling to reduce one of the highest youth suicide...

17 March 2014

Many say that continuous growth unsustainable. But if ‘de-growth’ is unstable, what are we to do? This panel discussion from the recent Sustainable Living Festival looks not at the problem, but at...

12 March 2014

Before WW2, New Zealand was among the most egalitarian nations on earth, but recent OECD stats suggest that its once narrow gap is widening so fast, it’s now ranked second from the bottom. But in...

10 March 2014

The library was once a temple of books. But much of what filled library shelves is now available online, without you having to leave your computer or mobile. What are libraries doing to ensure...