28 August 2014

Addresses a number of key issues confronting Australian scientists and researchers.

28 August 2014

Bill Laurence highlights the impacts of rapid road expansion on native ecosystems and wildlife, and discusses a paper he published today in Nature called A global strategy for road building, an innovative zoning scheme to define where on Earth future roads should and should not go.

25 August 2014

Does the ABC, or the Murdoch or Fairfax press, have a discernible political or philosophical bias?

24 August 2014

Education, health and the economy are the three big issues in any election.

24 August 2014

In the last few years prescriptions of opioids for chronic pain have skyrocketed, creating a new wave of drug addicts.

20 August 2014

How are political ads made? Do they really make us change our vote? Why are negative ads so effective?

13 August 2014

Ever since the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, the escalation in the number of natural disasters has seen the emergence of a new strand of design called Humanitarian Architecture.

11 August 2014

Food dominates the cultural landscape yet it is also public enemy number one when it comes to public health.

9 August 2014

Joan Peters, a renowned film producer and entertainment lawyer.  In 2006, Joan Peters founded Be Kids Australia Inc., an AusAid-approved non- government organisation with programs based in East Timor and Kenya.

7 August 2014

Around Australia today thousands of parents are struggling with how to combine work and family life and they're doing the sums on skyrocketing childcare costs.