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It was National Volunteer Week last week

... and we belatedly thank our marvellous volunteers who contribute to APO in so many different ways.  Current volunteer projects include finding new content, improving old content, analysing the site from different user group perspectives and making useful collections of resources.  Our current volunteers are: 

More on mini tag collections...

A few weeks ago we promoted APO's ability to host mini-collections of tagged content. Today we write to acknowledge two contributor collections:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to be restored to full functioning

Great news from the budget that the Office of the Information Commissioner will not be closed and funding will be restored.

From the Attorney General tonight:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

What's all the FORCE about? Conference report from FORCE 2016

By Amanda Lawrence

Recently I had the priviledge of attending the FORCE11 conference 2016 in Portland, Oregon, (inspiration for the terrific comedy series Portlandia) supported by a conference Travel Fellowship.)

Make your own collection on APO

Feature your own issue

Did you know that you can also make mini-collections on Policy Online? 

For example, last year we began a mini-collection of research, commentary and audio about the Data retention policy debate in Australia.

To make your own collection, just register (at the top right hand corner) on this site then select 'tag this' on the right hand side of any content page that you would like to keep together. You can add a tag that means something to you alone, to your team at work, or to the world at large.

When you have tagged a few items with the same tag, click on the tag to see them in one place. The page will even have a URL that you can share with others.

And let us know if you are actively tagging if you'd like us to look out for material on that issue too.

WIN a free conference pass - Akolade’s 5th Annual Australian Fraud Summit 2016

The sophistication of organised crime groups infiltrating companies has increased, making use of cyber channels to achieve their objectives. As the methodologies employed by fraudsters continue to increase in sophistication, organisations need to constantly stay ahead of the game and be continuously equipped to thwart and address incidences of fraud.

WIN a free pass to Community Engagement Australia 2016!

If community engagement is not well executed, it can lead to project delays and community backlash. The emergence of technology and social media has opened up a vast opportunity to engage members of the community that have been hard to reach although it also raises new challenges to successfully and effectively use this resource to its full potential.

WIN a free conference pass - National Public Sector EA&PA Summit

EAs and PAs play an integral role in the success of executives. With roles, responsibilities and expectations constantly evolving, it’s crucial for today’s EAs and PAs to stay ahead of the game, anticipate demands and be proactive.

APO awarded grant for Linked Data Project Stage II

The Australian Research Council recently announced a round of grant funding for 2016 and APO is very pleased to have been awarded infrastructure funding to develop Stage II of our Linked Data capabilities.