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As a result of our recent fundraising drive as well as a grant from Swinburne University's Faculty of Health Arts and Design, we have been able to activate two new helpful features. 


MEDIA RELEASE: A fast growing audience prompts new features and a fundraiser for Australian Policy Online Australian Policy Online

A fast growing audience prompts new features and a fundraiser for Australian Policy Online


Australian Policy Online: the research and policy database has expanded its services to meet the needs of a growing and influential audience.

The database and alert service provides free access to the full text of research reports, papers, statistics and other resources essential for public policy development and implementation in Australia and New Zealand.

MEDIA RELEASE: Policy Online shortlisted for Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards 2014

Policy Online has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2014 Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards


Policy Online Fundraiser - Thanks for your help!

Thanks again for all your support for Policy Online's 2014 fundraising campaign. Thanks also to those donors who signed our supporters page. This was our first fundraising campaign and we have been extremely pleased with the donations and comments we have received.

Why support Policy Online?

You may think that every country in the world has an open access collection of policy related reports, discussion papers, briefings and other resources available to access from an easy to use website, but this is, in fact, not the case. But as many of you do know, this material, also known as grey literature, is often hard to find, especially as time goes by and websites change, organisations close and content disappears.

Pisa Declaration on Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources

The Pisa Delcaration on Grey Literature was developed at a forum held in Pisa, Italy in May 2014 organised by GreyNet and the National Research Council of Italy. While the Policy Online team was not able to attend the fourm we helped to revise the draft declaration prior to the forum in consultation with members of the ARC funded Grey Literature Strategies project advisory group. The declaration and has now been made public and we invite interested organisations to become signatories.

Can you help? A request for policy documents

Regular readers of Policy Online would be aware that a large proportion of content we collect is policy-related research.  Occasionally readers request the official policies of government and opposition parties on public policy issues.  While we collect official policies whenever we find them, they are not always promoted and sometimes short-lived. However they are nonetheless useful, especially as contextual histories for new researchers. 

Upgrade in Progress block content

The following was posted as information about our upgrade progress as a block on our front page for the last few weeks:

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and happy to hear for any future suggesstions.

Policy Online Upgrade in Progress – Mind your step!

FAST work in progress and other new developments happening this week

Policy Online is undergoing a range of developments at the moment as we continuously improve the site and its ever increasing database of research and resources. We ask for your patience with us this week as we upgrade our classification system and move our database onto a more streamlined architecture on Thursday night and continue work on the presentation and functionality on Friday.

More information on what we are doing is below.

Policy Online adopting FAST

There will be some changes to Policy Online's website over the next few weeks. As a result of our 2013 ARC LIEF grant we are adopting FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) in order to standardise subject areas and to be more interoperable with other collections around the world. FAST has been developed in collaboration between the US Library of Congress and the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) – read more about FAST here http://oclc.org/research/activities/fast.html.