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WIN a free conference pass - National Public Sector EA&PA Summit

EAs and PAs play an integral role in the success of executives. With roles, responsibilities and expectations constantly evolving, it’s crucial for today’s EAs and PAs to stay ahead of the game, anticipate demands and be proactive.

APO awarded grant for Linked Data Project Stage II

The Australian Research Council recently announced a round of grant funding for 2016 and APO is very pleased to have been awarded infrastructure funding to develop Stage II of our Linked Data capabilities. Linked Data PolicyHub Stage II: Urban and Regional Planning, Infrastructure and Communications will support researchers to access and analyse organised collections of diverse documents and datasets from the policy information ecosystem.

New subscriber options - five weekly topical newsletters

The Policy Online Briefing email newsletter provides regular updates on the latest public policy research and resources from Australia and beyond. In the last year this newsletter has grown from a weekly to a twice-weekly service and the volume of new content continues to increase.

WIN a free conference pass to the Democracy in Transition conference






Citizens are disengaged. Western liberal democracy is retreating. Progress on instituting democratic rights has stalled. This is the current environment. But, is there anything can we do about it?

Questions needed for the Influence seekers panel - 2015 Internet Governance Forum

http://www.advertise.apo.org.au/sites/default/files/styles/apoteaserimage/public...At this year's Australian Internet Governance Forum, to be held in Melbourne on 6-7 October 2015, Amanda Lawrence, from APO, is organising a panel to discuss how third sector organisations can use the internet to influence public policy and improve access to knowledge.

APO signs Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development

APO is pleased to support the Lyon Declaration on Access Information and Development as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals currenlty being negotiated.

The declaration follows:

The United Nations is negotiating a new development agenda to succeed the Millennium Development Goals. The agenda will guide all countries on approaches to improving people’s lives, and outline a new set of goals to be reached during the period 2016-2030.

WIN a free conference pass: National Youth Employment Forum

WIN a free conference pass: National Youth Employment Forum

Public policy, the third sector and the internet panel at auIGF

The Australian Internet Governance Forum is an annual event where individuals, community groups, industry leaders, government representatives, academics, students and the media gather to discuss Internet-related issues in Australia.

News & Media Research Centre commences editorship of Policy Online's Communication & Media collection

The News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra is pleased to announce that it has commenced the editorship of Policy Online’s re-launched Communication & Media area. The collection currently houses over 3,800 items, including research reports, commentary and multimedia sources. The N&MRC editorial team will continue to build this invaluable collection for policy makers, practitioners and researchers.

Digital News Report: Australia 2015

Social Impact Collection and conference competition

Policy Online is very pleased to announce a new Social Impact Collection curated in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact at the University of New South Wales, the University of Western Australia and Swinburne University of Technology.