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Feature source: Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Did you know, there are close to 3000 publishing organisations - also known as sources - on Policy Online?  Many of these sources have small to medium collections of material on the site and any source collection can be viewed by clicking on the organisation's name under a publication title. 

Rating research

Congratulations again to the authors and publishing organisations whose work made it to our top 10 lists of Most Viewed Content in 2014.  These lists, as well as the top 10 lists from other years can be seen via our browse menu or here >

Happy 2015 - the year of Grey Literature

Happy 2015
This year we plan to work even harder to elevate the status of grey literature in the policy community and beyond.

Full text please

As Policy Online moves towards being a comprehensive repository of policy related grey literature we increasingly require full text copies of as many documents we catalogue as possible.  With some estimates of at least 30% of material on the internet already lost, APO’s past policy of only linking out to the documents we catalogue has proven problematic.  Currently we are only able to keep copies of material with a Creative Commons licence as well as material that has been given to

DOI project update

This year Australian Policy Online will begin minting DOIs for policy research and data as part of a data citation project enabled by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

Are you interested in having Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) minted for your resources? There are many benefits of applying DOIs to research through Policy Online:

Best wishes for the holiday season

Best wishes for the holiday season and thanks for a great year Its been a big year for Policy Online and we would like to say thank you to our partner organisations and funding bodies who ensure we can keep the service running and do new and innovative projects - the Australian Research Council and the Australian National Data Service, Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington, RMIT University and the University of Adelaide.

Introducing journal articles to Policy Online digital library

Introducing journal articles to the Policy Online digital library

With funding from the Australian Research Council, Policy Online has been working in partnership with RMIT Publishing and other partners on a project to make journal articles more discoverable by those working on policy and practice in Australia and New Zealand.

Rate Research for the Policy Online Best Resource Award 2014

To add to Policy Online’s annual top content lists of most viewed research (as measured by Google Analytics) this year we are asking readers to rate research on how useful or valuable it has been.

Consider the reach and impact of your research - publish with a Creative Commons licence

Today the Australian Government Departments of Industry and Education jointly released a new discussion paper for feedback called Boosting the commercial returns from research.  Key to translating research to action is reaching the widest audience possible and finding partners in unlikely places. The paper states 'While Australia performs well against one important factor for achieving research impact—international excellence—we must build better bridges between research and industry.'