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Member Status Source Name No. of items Acronymsort descending Owning Insitution Source Type
Training and Skills Commission 1
Fraser Institute 2
Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services Ltd 1
Computers & Education 1 Elsevier Journal
The Commonwealth Fund 3
Project Tomorrow 3 Organisation
Higher Education 1 Springer Journal
Senate Select Committee on the Reform of the Australian Federation N/A
U.S. Department of Education and SRI International 1 Government of the United States of America
Bipartisan Policy Center 1
National Energy Policy 1
Australian Jesuits N/A
Institute of Social Research 1
aaaaa N/A
Victoria University 1 Victoria University Education
Sentence Advisory Council 2
Department of Education and Children's Services 2 Government of South Australia Government
NSW Land and Property Management Authority N/A
Board of Inquiry into the Child Protection System in the Northern Territory 2010 1 Government of the Northern Territory Government
Joint Standing Committee on National Capital and External Territories 1 Parliament of Australia Government
National Infrastructure Commission (UK) 1
Faculty of Health Sciences (USyd) N/A University of Sydney Education
Aborigines Protection Society 1
Cogitatio Press N/A Journal
Tasmanian Fox? 1 2
Centre for Information Management 2
Local Government and Environment Committee (New Zealand) 1
NZ On Air 1
Gov 2.0 Summit videos and slides 1
Journal of Cultural Economics 1 Association for Cultural Economics International Journal
The Philosopher's Zone 2
Refugee Health Research Centre (LaTrobe) 1 La Trobe University Education
Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income 2
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 1 Taylor & Francis Online Journal
Platform Papers 4 Journal
M/C Journal 5 Queensland University of Technology Journal
University of Greenwich N/A Education
Government of the United Kingdom 5
Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe N/A Council of Europe Government
The Senate N/A
Relationships Forum Australia 1 Organisation
Commonwealth and Immigration Ombudsman 2
MW Consulting N/A
Infrastructure Australia 10 Government of Australia Government
University of Queensland 4
Greenwoods and Herbert Smith Freehills 1 Organisation
CeBIT Gov 2.0 Conference 1
Science Progress 2 Center for American Progress Organisation
D-Lib Magazine 17 Corporation for National Research Initiatives Journal
American Review of Public Administration 1
Austroads 7 Organisation
Environmental Economics Research Hub 9 Australian National University Education
Dialogue 2 Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Journal
University of Wollongong 1 Education
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments 1
Security & Defence Agenda 1 Organisation
Korean Institute of Criminology N/A
Annual F. Oswald Barnett oration 1
ISACA 1 Organisation
The Hansard Society N/A
Ethnography and Education 2
World Journal of Education 2 Sciedu Press
Chronic Illness Alliance 1 Organisation
Australian Automobile Association 2
Parliament of Australia 16
Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales 11
apophenia 2 Organisation
Georgetown University 1
The Internet Society N/A
European Society for Environmental History N/A Organisation
ClickZ 1 Company
Mineta Transport Institute 1
Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee (Vic) 1 Parliament of Victoria Government
Department of Geography (Canterbury) 1 University of Canterbury Education
Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security 1
craft + design enquiry 3 Craft Australia Organisation
The Money 1 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Media
National Science Foundation 2 Government
QUT ePrints 3 Queensland University of Technology Education
Ministry of Transport (New Zealand) 1 Government of New Zealand Government
WA Legislative Assembly Community Development and Justice Committee 1 Government of Western Australia Government
Department of Industry (Australia) 11
United States Institute of Peace 1
Business Process Trends 1 Company
School of Engineering (UniSA) N/A
Electoral Regulation Research Network 1
West Australian Policy Forum 3
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education 3
Auckland Council 3
Office of the Privacy Commissioner 1 Government of Australia Government
Canadian Medical Association N/A
Flash Art 1
International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education 1
Empowered Communities 1 Organisation
Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership 1
CenturyLink 1 Company
McKinlay Douglas Ltd N/A Company