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Member Status Source Name No. of items Acronymsort descending Owning Insitution Source Type
Energy Policy 2 Elsevier Journal
Telecommunications Association N/A
Cities - The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning 1 Elsevier Journal
Australian Civil-Military Centre 23 Government of Australia Government
Privacy Victoria 11 Government of Victoria Government
Melbourne Graduate School of Education 3 University of Melbourne
Asia-Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education 1
Organization of American States 1
Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research N/A
Law Council of Australia 3
Allen & Unwin 1
The Screening the Past Group N/A
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 1 SAGE Journals Journal
Environment Protection Heritage Council 2 Government of Australia Government
RMIT University (Hamilton) 2 RMIT University Education
Tertiary Sector Performance Analysis Ministry of Education N/A
Proofpoint 1
Health Policy and Health Finance Knowledge Hub, Nossal Institute for Global Health 2 University of Melbourne
Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (Australia) 5 Government of Australia Government
Fujitsu Australia 1
American Journalism Review 1 Journal
Senate Economics References Committee 9 Parliament of Australia Government
Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank N/A
Council on Federal Financial Relations Affordable Housing Working Group N/A
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 18 Government of Australia Government
Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman 2 Government of Australia Government
National Library of Sweden 1
Hindsight 7
International Journal of Modern Education Forum 1 Journal
Department of Geography and Environment (LSE) 1 London School of Economics and Political Science
Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs 20 Parliament of Australia Government
Obesity Surgery 1 Springer Journal
Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence 1
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited 2
Journal of Philosophy of Education 3 Journal
EDP Open 1
Surf Life Saving Australia 1
Women’s Leadership Institute Australia 3 Organisation
Centre for Western Sydney 2
Department of Immigration and Citizenship N/A
Pharmaceuticals Industry Strategy Group 2 Government of Australia Government
Sentence Advisory Council 2
Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand 1 New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference Organisation
MarketingRev 1
ANU College of Law 4
Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria 1
Family First New Zealand 1
Intel Corporation 1 Company
Journal of Urban Technology 1 Journal
The Journal of Distance Education 1 Journal
Communities, Children and Families Australia 96 Queensland University of Technology Journal
Eduserv 2 Organisation
Reference Group on Welfare Reform to the Minister for Social Services 1
Sydney Institute of Criminology 4 University of Sydney Education
Policy & Internet 1 Policy Studies Organization Journal
Government of South Australia Attorney-General's Department N/A
McAfee 3
UniSA Division of Information Technology N/A
Federation Business School N/A Federation University Australia Education
Adaptive Blue 1 Company
The Money 1 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Media
Compass Housing Services 1 Organisation
Australian Lawyers Alliance N/A
Regnan - Governance Research and Engagement 1
Great Barrier Reef Foundation 1 Organisation
Accounting and Finance 1
United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste 1
Boston Review 1
Connection Research N/A
News Corporation Ltd N/A
Research in Science Education 2
Information Society and Cybercrime: Challenges for Criminology and Criminal Justice 1
Joseph Rowntree Foundation 1
National Cultural Policy 2 Government of Australia Government
Directorate General Information Society and Media 1 European Commission Government
GST Distribution Review, Treasury 1
Centre for Health, Activity, and Rehabilitation Research 1 University of Otago Education
Department of Communities 1
Association of European Research Libraries N/A
WalletHub 1
Paragon Media N/A Media
ScienceDirect 2
British Library 2 The British Library Board Organisation
Library Journal 2 Journal
Nordbib N/A
Innovation and Science Australia 1 Government of Australia Government
Journal of Documentation 2 Emerald Group Publishing Limited Journal
The British Library Board N/A
Don Dunstan Foundation 2
Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation 1
Western Australian Auditor General N/A
Centre for Learning Innovation 1 Queensland University of Technology Education
Augmentology 1
Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity 1 Parliament of Australia Government
Living with Disability Research Centre (LaTrobe) 3 La Trobe University
Annenberg School for Communication 1
Europol 1 European Union Government
The Corporate Governance ARC Research Project, Canberra University 1
Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income 2
Australian Government Competition Policy Review 2 Government of Australia Government