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Member Status Source Name No. of itemssort descending Acronym Owning Insitution Source Type
Knox College N/A
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute N/A SAMHRI University of South Australia, University of Adelaide, Flinders University, Government of South Australia Education
Government of BC, Canada N/A
Cutland Consulting Ltd N/A
ACARA Languages Advisory Group N/A
Public Services International N/A PSI Organisation
BDO International Ltd N/A
International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Science N/A
Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) N/A
Office of the Information Commission N/A
Jude Brisbane N/A
Country Health N/A
Precision Consultancy N/A Company
University of Greenwich N/A Education
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation N/A
Journal of Architectural Engineering N/A
Women’s Health Victoria N/A WHV
Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce N/A
BMJ Publishing Group N/A
Division of Education N/A
Health Libraries Inc. N/A Organisation
Department of Economic and Social Affairs (United Nations) N/A
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore N/A
European Society for Environmental History N/A Organisation
NSW Land and Property Management Authority N/A
School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences (UniSA) N/A University of South Australia Education
Department of Economics (MQ) N/A
Society of Experimental Social Psychology N/A
School of Psychology N/A
James Cook University N/A
EY Sweeney N/A
Western Australian Auditor General N/A
Go No Go N/A Media
Cultural Ministers Council N/A
Transport and Infrastructure Council N/A Council of Australian Governments Government
Government of Nsw N/A
Ryerson University N/A
Publisher of the resource N/A
Beijing University of Technology N/A
Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation (UniMelb) N/A University of Melbourne Education
Council for the Humanities N/A
Telstra Corporation N/A
University of Maryland N/A UMaryland Education
American Economic Association N/A N/A
Centre of Disability Research and Policy N/A
and how changes in prevalence N/A
UNSW-UWS Research Centre, Swinburne-Monash Research Centre, UWA Research Centre N/A
Temple Bar Cultural Trust N/A
American Library Association N/A ALA Organisation
University of Toronto N/A utoronto Education
MacArthur Foundation N/A
Australian Multicultural Foundation N/A Company
e2e: Education to Employment Working Group N/A e2e
Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry in New South Wales N/A
Microsoft N/A
Government of Tasmania N/A
ACT Auditor-General N/A
Sapling Foundation N/A
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council N/A BBSRC Organisation
Smita Deshmukh N/A
International Society of Doctors for the Environment N/A
Ohio State University, History Department N/A
Australian Council for Computers in Education N/A
Black Inc. Publishing N/A
International Labour Organisation N/A
Journalism Studies Division of the ICA N/A
Net Balance N/A
European Association for the Study of Diabetes N/A
George Washington University N/A GWU
Australian Social Policy Association N/A
Columbia University N/A Education
Criminal Justice Division N/A
International Conference of the International Association for Management of Technology N/A
University of Washington N/A
Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University N/A
Ann Villiers N/A
International Forum for Responsible Media N/A
Connection Research N/A
School of Marketing (UniSA) N/A
Atlantic Media Company N/A
Sport and Recreation Spatial N/A
Parliament of Victoria- Legal and Social Issues Committee N/A
TU Dortmund University N/A
Government of the United States of America N/A
University of New Hampshire N/A
Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre N/A
Mission Models Money N/A Organisation
DigEcon Research N/A
Diponegoro University N/A
UniSA College N/A
Social Psychology Research Unit N/A SPRU Swinburne University of Technology Education
Association for Cultural Economics International N/A
Royal Holloway|University of London N/A
Energy Quest N/A