This collection features work by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) as well as other sources and includes research, commentary, audio and video. NCCARF completed its first phase of operation on 30 June 2013, leading a national interdisciplinary effort to provide information for decision-makers in government and communities to manage climate change impacts. This collection features NCCARF's work during that period. New research on this topic is now added intermittently.

Featuring reports, commentary, audio, video and other grey literature related to forced migration in Australia and its region, this collection is an initiative the Forced Migration Research Hub - an international network of research scholars working on issues of forced migration in the Asia-Pacific and hosted by the Swinburne Institute for Social Research in collaboration with Monash and La Trobe Universities.

This collection is supported by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government and includes policy research, commentary, audio, video, websites and other content related to New Zealand and/or published by New Zealand authors and organisations on all topics.

Sources: The organisations and publishers monitored regularly for content are listed here. If you know of other sources producing regular policy related research from or about New Zealand please email:


This collection brings together research and information on scholarly communication, grey literature, open access, digital collecting, libraries, electronic publishing, information economics, access to knowledge and other related issues. It is being developed as part of the Grey Literature Strategies research project which will run from 2012 - 2014.

Containing reports that were released before the age of digitisation, this collection will help provide background information on major issues which have often been reviewed and reported on in the past but for which the key documents have been either unavailable or hard to locate. A Policy Online and National Library of Australia Partnership.

The Student Wellbeing Project is a research initiative of the Swinburne Institute of Social Research around the delivery of student support services in Government and Catholic schools in Australia. This collection collates the historic and current policies, strategic initiatives, guidelines and relevant reports that relate to student wellbeing and how models of student support services in schools have developed over time.

This collection is supported by the Henry Halloran Trust at the University of Sydney and includes policy research, commentary, audio, video, websites and other content related to Urban Policy and Practice