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23 March 2017

This report warns that failure to address the ongoing deterioration in housing affordability will condemn future generations to poorer living standards and higher taxes as aged pension costs increase.

7 March 2017

This Victorian parliamentary committee report examines the operation and regulation of the retirement housing sector (including retirement villages, caravan parks, residential parks and independent living units), with the aim of identifying opportunities for improvement and reform.

1 March 2017

Surveys were completed by people aged 65 years and older, to determine older people’s knowledge of epilepsy.

17 February 2017

This report analyses the components of economic growth in twenty-one APEC economies in the past twenty-five years and the next thirty-five. The report highlights the critical role played by population ageing and discusses relevant policy interventions. 

15 February 2017

This report provides an overview of dementia in Australia, including increases in the prevalence and incidence of dementia over the next forty years.

29 December 2016

This book describes the concept of the creative ageing policy as a mix of the silver economy, the creative economy, and the social and solidarity economy for older people.

19 December 2016

This report to the New Zealand Government reviews and discusses retirement income policies and makes a range of recommendations for immediate and longer-term changes.

14 December 2016

This report combines social and economic indicators to inform a fuller appreciation of Tasmania's progress and to prompt debate about the priorities that Tasmania must set.