Climate Change Adaptation Collection

21 March 2017

This project examines how Melbourne apartment samples perform in heatwaves in the context of international standards. It also looks at retrofit options to future proof apartments and make them more liveable.

17 March 2017

Former energy advisor, Ross Garnaut, says Australia is a bit late coming to the energy transition happening in the rest of the world.

16 March 2017

This issues paper has been released to assist participants in preparing a submission to the public inquiry into National Water Reform. It outlines a range of issues about which the Commission is seeking information.

16 March 2017

Carbon capture and storage technology will have a key role in reducing future greenhouse gas emissions.

14 March 2017

This plan is intended to ensure that South Australia will become more self-reliant for its power.

11 March 2017

Studies have shown that demonstration projects and trials play an important role in developing new bio-based fuels, energy and products that can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this literature.

9 March 2017

After twelve years of advocating for climate policy action in Australia, the Climate Institute will close it's doors in June, blaming a lack of funds.

7 March 2017

In the past five years (2011–16), environmental policies and management practices in Australia have achieved improvements in the state and trends of parts of the Australian environment. However, there are areas where the condition of the environment is poor and/or deteriorating.

3 March 2017

By forcing Malcolm Turnbull to behave like Tony Abbott, the Nationals have gravely damaged the government. 'Black Jack' McEwen showed how that can change.

3 March 2017

This submission to the Finkel Review outlines the three matters the AEMC believes are critical to maintaining energy security in the current environment of change: good governance, effective integration of emissions reduction and energy policy and giving investors and consumers confidence.