Communication & Media


28 March 2017

This report analyses how public service media organisations, across six European countries, are developing new projects and products to deliver digital news.

23 March 2017

This article argues that the astonishing uptake of both reflects and amplifies the self-branding imperatives that many academics experience.

15 March 2017

This report sets up recommendations for action to address the gender gap in Internet access and use and identifies four specific action areas for closing the digital gender gap.

14 March 2017

This paper considers a hitherto obscure aspect of the Northern Territory Intervention: the surveillance of publicly funded computers and internet use.

14 March 2017

This article examines how public interest concerns were addressed in Australian news media during the passage of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act.

7 March 2017

This report investigates the barriers that are holding back the broader adoption of the Internet in the economies of Europe and Central Asia and provides policy recommendations tailored to economies at varying levels of digital development.

2 March 2017

This report finds that teens and young adults express low levels of trust in the news media and use a variety of strategies to confirm, verify, and clarify the stories they care about.

28 February 2017

This report looks at how news organisations are creating innovative editorial formats and seeking commercial opportunities 'beyond the article'.


23 February 2017

Open Access is now here to stay. It also displays a variety of forms that do not all conform with the project of distributed human intelligence with which it is associated, argues Jean-Claude Guédon.

23 February 2017

This research measures the progress made by five key countries in implementing the G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Principles.