Digital Inclusion


7 December 2016

A recent report from SGS Economics and Planning highlights a widening gap between the economic workhorses of Sydney and Melbourne and regional Australia.

18 November 2016

Internet connections have surged in the region, but cost has re-emerged as a constraint for many users, writes Julian Thomas.

16 June 2016

A complacent government could easily adopt a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the effects of technology on our economy, but a report from the Productivity Commission advocates what governments need to do to confront digital disruption - get out of its way, writes Jim Minifie.

15 June 2016

Making web and digital communication accessible to people with disability comes down to simple English, along with the need to define abbreviations and acronyms, says the Director of Digital Accessibility for Media Access Australia, Dr Scott Hollier.

13 June 2016

ABC TV 'Media Watch' program transcript from a feature program on the current business operating conditions facing digital news providers.

2 June 2016

Provides an update on where things are at with Australia's Open Government Partnership process.

3 May 2016

The internet has many advantages for remote Indigenous people, such as faster communication and greater access to services. However, internet access also has brought particular challenges.

27 January 2016

Over the course of the last parliament in the UK, cuts to services and closures amounted to a 16% reduction in library funding.

21 January 2016

A look at cutting edge technologies that could radically improve the daily lives of people living with disabilities.

14 January 2016

On the back of many of their predictions for broadband in 2015 playing out, the team at the World Wide Web Foundation offer some predictions for access developments and trends in 2016.