Educational Justice

Educational Justice

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16 December 2016

This report outlines the Australian Government's response to the Higher Education Standards Panel's report on improving the transparency of higher education admissions.

14 December 2016

This report combines social and economic indicators to inform a fuller appreciation of Tasmania's progress and to prompt debate about the priorities that Tasmania must set.

28 November 2016

This report analyses the field of study of domestic graduates in the New Zealand tertiary education system between 2011 and 2015 for below bachelors level and between 2008 and 2015 for bachelors level or higher.

21 November 2016

Since the 1980s, Enabling Pathways have been one of the main ways that prospective students from low-SES backgrounds have been able to enter into universities. These programs, often known as Foundation Studies or Preparatory Programs, provide...

21 November 2016

In September 2015, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research commenced a two-year research project on safety and wellbeing as it relates to communication technologies, in remote Aboriginal communities and towns in the Northern Territory (NT). This report provides an overview of findings from the first phase of the project.

8 November 2016

This case study reports on the role and importance of Islamic studies and faith in community Islamic schools in Adelaide and Darwin.

1 November 2016

This roadmap highlights, in an accessible way, some existing and emerging digital technologies and their potential to create deeper and authentic learning opportunities in school and post-school education.

25 October 2016

Dr Peter Goss considers school age population growth and its impact on schools planning.

Journal Articles

8 September 2016

This article discusses a university-community partnership that had broad goals to promote social, economic, educational and cultural links between the university and people living nearby who had limited contact with the university.

31 August 2016

While a number of investigations of online language learning behaviours are available, there are currently few ‘micro’ analytic studies that explore the role of different types of small talk to complete institutional tasks online.

27 May 2016

This paper examines two potentially national authoritative perspectives from which excellence in research degree supervision might be explicated.