Educational Justice

Educational Justice

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14 February 2017

This ninth Closing the Gap report showcases real successes being achieved at a local level across the country, and outlines how we, as a nation, are meeting our responsibilities in improving outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

5 February 2017

Australia’s education system needs comprehensive reform to tackle widespread student disengagement in the classroom.

1 February 2017

This summary paper outlines the views presented at a symposium, held in August 2016, concerning the reform of national training products, training packages and accredited courses.

25 January 2017

This paper provides a brief commentary on the relative trend change and potential trajectories of Australia's vocational education and training (VET) sector compared with the higher education sector.

16 December 2016

This report outlines the Australian Government's response to the Higher Education Standards Panel's report on improving the transparency of higher education admissions.

14 December 2016

This report combines social and economic indicators to inform a fuller appreciation of Tasmania's progress and to prompt debate about the priorities that Tasmania must set.

14 December 2016

Brings together data across all areas of education to prompt governments to consider a more planned and consistent approach to distributing resources.

28 November 2016

This report analyses the field of study of domestic graduates in the New Zealand tertiary education system between 2011 and 2015 for below bachelors level and between 2008 and 2015 for bachelors level or higher.

Journal Articles

8 September 2016

This article discusses a university-community partnership that had broad goals to promote social, economic, educational and cultural links between the university and people living nearby who had limited contact with the university.

31 August 2016

While a number of investigations of online language learning behaviours are available, there are currently few ‘micro’ analytic studies that explore the role of different types of small talk to complete institutional tasks online.

27 May 2016

This paper examines two potentially national authoritative perspectives from which excellence in research degree supervision might be explicated.