Family Violence: Policies, evidence, communities and actions

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  • of research, policy and evaluation relevant to the design and implementation of activities which prevent and tackle family violence.
  • of developments in research, policies and actions since the Royal Commission into Family Violence
  • of policy-relevant resources that relate to current and emerging issues in Australia. 

A valuable resource

  • for communities, policy researchers, advisers, decision-makers and academics in their roles.


  • collated and curated key policy-relevant resources.
  • the most valuable and relevant material and resources, so that they are searchable and accessible through one platform.
  • policy and research reports, presentations and guides and summaries, editorial and opinion articles, infographics and multimedia, datasets.


  • on community attitudes and responses to violence against women.
  • the relationship of gender issues to policy and program development tackling family violence.
  • the evaluation of initiatives and programs that relate to this focus. 
Collection Advisor
Professor Jane Farmer, Swinburne University






Family Violence: Policies, evidence, communities and actions


Phase 2 campaign materials
3 Oct 2018

Campaign materials from Phase two of a joint Australian, state and government campaign "Violence against women. Let's stop it at the start"

Stop it at the Start aims to help break the cycle of violence by encouraging adults to reflect on their attitudes, and...


2 Oct 2018

Interview with Julie Oberin, Chair Women's Services Network.

Federal Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer will join her state counterparts in Adelaide today for talks on the final phase of the 12-year National Plan to reduce violence against women and children.

The two-day summit...


20 Sep 2018

The advice and information in this toolkit is drawn from the wisdom and experiences of parliamentarians and advocates. This is a collection of practical tips and policy building advice that will help you shape policy for the better.

Research report

7 Sep 2018

At the 2018 Midsumma Carnival held in Melbourne, the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby conducted a survey of attendees on LGBTIQ related family violence. There were 267 respondents in this study. The report analyses the community responses.

The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights...

Research report

4 Sep 2018

This resource uses crime script analysis to describe incidents of men’s violence against women. The results provide new insights into the situational factors present when arguments escalate to violence.

Research report

16 Aug 2018

This summary outlines the major issues identified in the ANROWS research relevant to children, the factors preventing effective service delivery and the policy and practice changes recommended by the researchers. It concludes with future research directions.


3 Aug 2018

The National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey, or NCAS, is a resource for anyone wanting to understand and prevent the serious and prevalent problem of violence against women.

It can be used by community educators, policy-makers, program planners, researchers, journalists, and students....

Research report

2 Aug 2018

As Victoria moves towards developing new, risk-sensitive approaches to responding to family violence, the voices and experiences of those affected by this complex and distinct form of family violence offer vital insights into the risks faced by victims and affected families.


A national resource to support the prevention of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children
13 Jul 2018

This resource contains a set of clear actions that are needed to address the many drivers of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. This is a national resource, intended to encourage, guide and support a national effort by many organisations and stakeholders, at...

Research report

3 Jul 2018

This report provides information about workers in services used by people affected by domestic and family violence and sexual assault.


28 Jun 2018

This guide provides information to assist non-professional evaluators with commissioning or assessing evaluation processes and outputs. It explains the importance of understanding the context of evaluation, and determining an organisation’s level of “evaluation-readiness.”


28 Jun 2018

This resource is intended to act as a quick reference guide to key statistics on violence against women in Australia for use by the media and other commentators, including government officials, academics, sector leaders and community advocates.

Research report

20 Jun 2018

Both crime victim survey data and recorded crime data suggest that the victimisation rate for domestic and family violence has declined in NSW over the time period examined.


Introduction Bill
19 Jun 2018

The Family Violence Bill 2018 in Victoria, Australia creates a new statutory authority enshrined in legislation, Respect Victoria, which will work to address gender inequality as a root cause of family violence.

The new prevention organisation, will work to change the attitudes, social norms...

Journal article

6 Jun 2018

This paper reports on a multifaceted response to build capacity and willingness of health professionals to identify signs of family violence and engage with referral pathways to on‐site legal assistance.

Research report

31 May 2018

The development of this specialised national domestic and family violence homicide dataset has been one of the key goals of the network since its establishment. Analysis of this data can provide a better understanding of potential opportunities for intervention prior to domestic and family violence...


31 May 2018

This paper explores some of the challenges, tensions and opportunities in workplace-based programs for the primary prevention of violence against women, based on findings from program evaluation.

Fact sheet

24 May 2018

An overview of the National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS) conducted in 2017.

Includes an outline of new features in the 2017 NCAS and a graphical depiction of the survey framework.

Findings from the 2017 NCAS will be released at...

Research report

10 May 2018

The first annual report of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor has found that the Victorian government needs to invest more time in planning and coordinating its family violence reform package.


6 Apr 2018

This publication contains a curated collection of research and other resources, covering a range of topics relating to understanding more about the perpetrators of family violence in Australia.