Innovation & Business Growth


20 February 2017

New biotechnology projects take time to progress through the development pipeline making such investments inherently risky. Tax incentives and other policy mechanisms provided by the Australian Government to mitigate these risks have social benefits beyond the financial success of individual firms. 

13 February 2017

Using a data mining clustering method, this paper identifies patterns of economic resilience in regions by industry categories. Preliminary results show different resilience patterns and varied stability to this resilience for industry/functional regions ranging from non-resilient to very resilient regions.

31 January 2017

This paper examines whether a company tax cut is likely to boost foreign investment in Australia.

25 January 2017

This report summarizes how NGOs worldwide use web and email communications, online and mobile fundraising tools, and social and mobile media.

24 January 2017

This McKinsey Global Institute report finds realizing automation’s full potential requires people and technology to work hand in hand.

22 January 2017

Sydney’s economic dividend continues, but so do its divides. This report reviews the evidence, analyses some key trends shaping Sydney and then recommends some interventions of strategic significance.

4 January 2017

This presentation discusses the concentration of economic growth in cities - and the implications for productivity.

20 December 2016

In undertaking this inquiry, the Productivity Commission was asked to consider whether current arrangements provide an appropriate balance between access to ideas and products, and encouraging innovation, investment and the production of creative works.

15 December 2016

Aims to provide a single, comprehensive annual source of infrastructure statistics for use by policymakers, industry leaders, transport analysts and the wider Australian community.

15 December 2016

This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the regulatory environment in Victoria, how it relates to automated vehicles and plans to make changes to the regulatory framework that will support the testing and development of highly automated vehicle technology.