New Zealand Governance & Policy


7 March 2017

Morning Report put together a panel of under 45s to talk about the new policy to increase the age of entitlement for the pension from 65 to 67.

12 February 2017

This investigative radio documentary asks what is being done to clean up New Zealand's lakes and rivers and it is being done fast enough?

21 August 2016

Economist Dr Chris Wilkins leads Massey University's illegal drug research team. He recently wrote a New Zealand Medical Journal editorial promoting the idea of using registered clubs to regulate recreational cannabis use.

14 August 2016

There are around one million 'unsettled settlers' - including thousands of New Zealanders - on various kinds of temporary visas in Australia, and many are being unfairly treated.

21 June 2016

This interview discusses recent survey results regarding Australians' attitudes towards the ANZUS Alliance and our relations with China.

9 June 2016

Interview with Gerry Brownlee, New Zealand government minister, to discuss the New Zealand natural disaster insurance scheme.

5 April 2016

ABC RN Drive interview with former President of the United Nations Association of Australia, Professor John Langmore.

1 March 2016

As the Australian government ponders a plebiscite on gay marriage and a possible referendum on indigenous recognition, a look at what New Zealand and Switzerland can teach us about direct democracy.

19 October 2015

More than 1,000 New Zealand citizens face being kicked out of Australia—some of whom have lived here all their lives and have committed only minor crimes.

29 September 2015

An ocean sanctuary covering more than 6-hundred thousand square kilometres is to be created around the Kermadec islands north east of New Zealand.