New Zealand Governance & Policy


13 March 2017

The Royal New Zealand Air Force is due to replace three types of aircraft, and the importance of making the right decision cannot be overstated. 

7 March 2017

This op-ed article summarises the findings of Environmental Defence Society's recent major report: Last Line of Defence: compliance, monitoring and enforcement of New Zealand's environmental law.

15 February 2017

Mass whale stranding has occurred since human records began, and happens somewhere in the world on a regular basis.

7 February 2017

New Zealand's actions toward refugees on the world stage aren’t the problem. What will define us in years to come was our quiet, unshakable inaction.

1 February 2017

Schools in Australia and New Zealand set off in opposite directions in the 1970s. Tom Greenwell looks at where they have ended up.

14 December 2016

To mitigate uncertainty and ensure consistent protection for journalists, Australia needs an all-encompassing, national shield law like New Zealand has.

14 December 2016

This opinion-piece, from the Professor of Public Policy at Victoria University of Wellington, outlines ways the new Bill English-led Government could assist less well-off families in New Zealand.

5 December 2016

Many of the world’s liberal democracies are staring down deep divisions over the future of their open societies. Robert Ayson argues that this is not the case for New Zealand, and Key’s leadership and his enduring popularity has at least something to do with that.

11 October 2016

Discusses the problem of short-termism, policy short-sightedness or political myopia which lies at the heart of democratic governance.