Regional Development

Regional Development

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22 March 2017

This audit shows that planning schemes have mixed success in achieving the intent of state policy across the three areas examined - developing activity centres, increasing housing density, diversity and affordability, and protecting valuable agricultural land.

20 March 2017

This Victorian Ombudsman report reveals Mt Buller and Mt Stirling senior management spent more than $85,000 of public funds on international family travel, entertaining friends, bonuses and prizes for staff.

14 March 2017

Competition in electricity retailing hasn’t delivered what was promised - lower prices for consumers. 

14 March 2017

This plan is intended to ensure that South Australia will become more self-reliant for its power.

11 March 2017

Studies have shown that demonstration projects and trials play an important role in developing new bio-based fuels, energy and products that can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This article provides a comprehensive overview of this literature.

7 March 2017

This discussion paper provides an overview of the evidence Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its advice on when and where the Victorian government should invest in new container port capacity.

3 March 2017

This submission to the Finkel Review outlines the three matters the AEMC believes are critical to maintaining energy security in the current environment of change: good governance, effective integration of emissions reduction and energy policy and giving investors and consumers confidence.

1 March 2017

The NSW Government is seeking feedback on UrbanGrowth's draft sustainability strategy, which addresses climate resilience, healthy and inclusive places, productive cities, accountability and collaboration.