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Tony Eardley Eardley Tony

Dr Tony Eardley has more than 20 years experience of managing and conducting policy-related social research and evaluation, much of it for government bodies, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. His research interests include income support and labour market policies, housing and homelessness, living standards, poverty and social inclusion, family policies, employment service delivery and youth justice. Dr Eardley has extensive experience of comparative social policy analysis and has carried out consultancies for the OECD, the UK Department of Social Security and the New Zealand Department of Labour, as well as being involved in a number of international studies of family policies. Since 1995 he has carried out numerous research projects for FaHCSIA (and its predecessors) and for other government and non-governmental bodies. He served on the SAAP Information Sub-committee as their Expert Member during 2008-09. He is a member of an ARACY network developing research on the wellbeing of children who experience homelessness. Current research includes a study for AHURI of intergenerational homelessness; designing an evaluation framework for the NSW Homelessness Action Plan (for NSW Housing); and conducting an assessment of best practice for the delivery of emergency relief, financial counselling and micro-finance schemes under the Commonwealth Financial Management Plan (for FaHCSIA). Dr Eardley has been co-organiser for a number of years of the Australian Social Policy Conference, and serves on several policy advisory and management boards for agencies in the social policy field, including ACOSS and the Sydney Welfare Rights Centre.

Tony is currently working part-time following the birth of his daughter. He is also a musician. See for details.

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