28 September 2016 to 30 September 2016

Whilst Australia’s crime rates have been decreasing over the past few years, community crime in Australia is on the rise in a number of key areas including; theft, domestic and family violence, assaults, methamphetamines use (specifically ice), and hate crimes (2014 NSW Recorded Crime Statistics Report). Such behaviours negatively affect the well-being and social cohesion of our communities.

25 October 2016 to 27 October 2016

Did you know: Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and there is no cure.

Improving outcomes for people living with dementia needs to be a key priority across Australia for aged care providers, healthcare and government.

Discover how Australia's aged care industry will respond to the growing and complex needs of Australians living with dementia at this year's 2nd Annual Dementia Strategy Summit.

22 November 2016 to 24 November 2016

With 12 digital learning centres to be built across NSW, digital transformation in the VET sector is only just beginning. Evolving consumer demands for higher digital skills requires the VET sector to adapt their method of delivery and assessment, including the exploration of blended online and face-to-face learning experiences.

Akolade’s 2nd Digital Engagement in VET Forum provides attendees with digital strategies proven to increase student recruitment and retention as well as ensure long-term ROI.

23 November 2016

Driving innovation & quality in government data analytics

Data analysts hold an important role in uncovering social, scientific and environmental trends and drawing insightful conclusions which influence key decision makers. With changes in legislation towards open data access across government departments, we are currently seeing a breakdown of traditional ‘silo’ models of departmental data analytics and a move towards information collaboration.

18 October 2016 to 19 October 2016

Without diverse and empowered leadership, the productivity of our public service is greatly diminished. Women in the public service face inflexible work environments, unconscious bias and a lack of support in workplace culture.
Premier Mike Baird has committed to achieving 100% flexibility across all positions within the New South Wales public service by 2019. 

Now is the time for organisations to take a proactive approach to break down barriers to female leadership. 

Have you unlocked your full leadership potential? 

22 November 2016 to 24 November 2016

Social media is constantly evolving and engaging with communities online can be a bit of a moving target. As a social media manager, it can seem like the rules change all the time as algorithms and user expectations shift. Now more than ever, government departments and agencies need to respond to this ever evolving landscape and deliver effective, impactful and up to date digital strategies.

5 September 2016 to 6 September 2016

Keynote Speakers: 

The Hon Fiona Richardson, Minister for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence;

Naomi Steer, National Director, Australia for UNHCR; 

Warren Mundine AO, Chair, Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council; 

Amy Mullins, Executive Director, Women’s Leadership Institute;

Sheree Rubenstein, Co-founder, One Roof.

19 October 2016

We invite you to join us at the second conference in a new national series of cross-sectoral policy focused events convened by AHURI. The future of housing assistance will be held in Adelaide on Wednesday 19 October 2016

What's it about?

With the election of a new Federal Government and national funding agreements up for renewal, now is the right time to debate, discuss and consider the future of housing assistance in Australia. Over the course of the day, this national conversation will examine the following:

19 October 2016 to 21 October 2016

Despite several programmes in place by the federal government to improve and strengthen the Indigenous economy, Indigenous Australians remain at disadvantage. According to the latest ABS data, less than half (47.5%) of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population that are of working age are participating in Australia’s workforce.

26 October 2016 to 27 October 2016

This conference will address some of the toughest challenges currently facing the leaders of this sector, and offer practical strategies and new ways of thinking to assure the sustainability of Australia’s NFPs into the future, whilst achieving the integral balance between commerciality and compassion.


This conference will focus on: