25 August 2015
Hawthorn Community Precinct, 584 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

A special opportunity for budding start-up entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone interested in marketing and promotions.

As part of the 2015 Small Business Festival Victoria, this instalment of the What If? lecture series focusses on the ten questions start-ups and SMEs should be asking about the health of their brand.

Led by three of Swinburne's branding experts, you will learn how to build and manage your brand and engage with customers to add value to your business.

Speakers:Read more
29 July 2015
Swinburne University of Technology, City Campus

The role of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) professional has existed in various guises in Australian organisations for a number of years. Recently, these roles have become more prominent as organisations strive to effectively address the challenges associated with workplace inequality. It is fair to say that the emphasis has shifted from awareness-raising (for example through diversity "events"), to a more interventionist approach (such as the design and delivery of Unconscious Bias training programs).Read more
31 July 2015
Room TD121, Swinburne University, Hawthorn

Seminar & report launch

Making apartments affordable: From speculation to deliberative development

Tom Alves, Andrea Sharam & Lyndall BryantRead more
30 July 2015
RMIT University, Storey Hall, Level 7, 342 Swanston Street, Melbourne


Featuring three presentations from leading global thinkers Read more
14 November 2014

The failure of the market to deliver affordable medium density infill suggests housing supply innovation requires economic actors who are able to commit to the supply of affordable housing and the most obvious candidates are consumers themselves. The solution is ‘deliberative development’ which takes insights from ‘market design’, an offshoot of game theory economics, to minimise the key risk in the development process: uncertain demand. Such ‘deliberative development’ involves the aggregation of housing consumers, who form syndicates which replace the traditional speculative developer....Read more
4 December 2014
Parliament House, The Theatre

A quiet revolution in home ownership and housing finance is leading Australia into a new era.

Join us, together with the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, at Parliament House, Canberra on Thursday 4 December 2014 as we discuss this revolution.

What is the latest research evidence telling us and what does it mean for national housing policy development?Read more
13 November 2014
Hosted by National Australia Bank, The Academy (The Bowl Room), 500 Bourke Street

The United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) is holding a seminar entitled Demographic Transition: Addressing the economic and social impacts of an ageing population: Is there a silver lining? on Thursday 13th November, 2014, in Melbourne.

Held in partnership with National Australia Bank, this seminar seeks to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with an ageing society.Read more
25 November 2014
The Duxton Hotel

The Australian population is ageing and the housing needs and preferences of the older generations are changing. Australia has an overall housing supply shortage and there is an expectation that older residents downsizing will help to partially resolve this issue. However, obstacles such as the impact of realising owner occupied property-based capital gains on the Aged Pension are limiting the number of dwellings being sold.Read more
11 November 2014
Swinburne University Of Technology , Hawhthorn campus, Penang Conference Room (LB311)

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald caught my attention: “Key to the classroom… make it interesting”. “Really?” I thought. “After all these years of innovation and quality teaching frameworks, are we still trying to work out how to engage students?”Read more