14 October 2016

Governments spend money on many programmes in many sectors. But how much of this spending actually achieves the purposes for which it is intended?

24 November 2016

Seminar, Thursday 24 November 2016. Making Administrative Decisions
Attend and earn 3 CPD units

When are reasons for decision required? How does the Evidence Act interact with administrative law? How should reasons be prepared?

Join our expert speaking panel as these issues are discussed in greater detail. Decision makers and those practising in administrative law cannot afford to miss this program.

Chair: Geri Ettinger, Lawyer, Mediator and Member of the NSW Medical Tribunal

7 October 2016

As the Internet becomes increasingly central to everyday life, the social and economic consequences of digital exclusion also increase. However, the challenge of the “narrowing but deepening” digital divide presents immediate problems for citizens, researchers and policy makers. Although substantial progress has been made on understanding digital exclusion at national and community levels in Australia, the absence of a sufficiently granular, longitudinal dataset has been a continuing limitation across all disciplines.

10 October 2016

Speakers:  Professor Susan Phillips, Carleton University School of Public Policy and Administration

                 Susan Pascoe AM, Commissioner for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

Moderator: Professor Shelley Mallett, GM Research and Policy, Brotherhood of St Laurence

22 September 2016

Despite an ever-increasing investment in education by young people, the process transition into employment continues to be of widespread concern, creating what the International Labour Organisation calls a “crisis for youth”, based on high levels of youth unemployment.  The dimensions of this crisis are complex, including the emergence of new categories, such as “underemployed” and “over-educated”, creating uncertainty about the relationship between education and work.

30 September 2016

Date: 30 September 2016 Time: 12.30 pm
Venue: RWW129, Level 1, Railway West Wing, Bunny Street, Pipitea Campus

Speaker: Dr Nicolas Salamanca, Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

23 September 2016

There are many (probably too many) books out in the marketplace promising to tell public managers how to solve problems, innovate and manage constant change. But not everything with a glossy cover has much hope of working in the real world. Fortunately there’s a promising new idea in both the public and private sectors, one which gets us the best of both worlds by bringing together our ‘right brained’ creative thinking and our ‘left brained’ analytical thinking.

5 October 2016

The Department of Treasury and Finance and IPAA Victoria proudly present the annual seminar, ’Building the Business Case’ now in its 9th year. This popular and interactive event illustrates key principles for best practice business case development using real-world case studies.

Senior Department of Treasury and Finance advisors provide guidance on government expectations and how to improve the quality of business cases. Learn the essentials of a successful business case that cuts through, convinces and delivers.

23 September 2016

Within the Australian business context the Aboriginal entrepreneur’s financier is inevitably non-Indigenous, their suppliers are predominantly non-Indigenous; their sales are normally to the non-Indigenous and their business model almost always conservatively is non-Indigenous. Yet in other countries such as Aotearoa and Canada due to larger concentrations of Indigenous people these facets of business can be different and the business model as in the Aotearoa example already mentioned (Foley 2008, 2008b) can in fact follow tikanga values with a third and fourth bottom line.