2 June 2016

Miranda Stewart will present on some key tax and transfer measures in the recent budget and election proposals of the Government and Opposition. She will discuss issues of fairness, fiscal sustainability and the agenda of ‘jobs and growth’.

26 May 2016

The role of procurement in the creation of social or public value has a long history in public policy and is increasingly being adopted by private for profit firms in order to improve corporate citizenship and commercial performance.

21 June 2016 to 23 June 2016

Back by popular demand, Akolade’s Contract Law Fundamentals returns with a freshly researched 1-day intensive examination of the key obstacles and challenges faced by Australia’s contract professionals. With 7 Case Law Review sessions and an exclusive panel discussion on contract selection, default clauses and due diligence, Akolade’s Contract Law Fundamentals is a practical, strategy driven Masterclass delivered by over 36 of Australia’s leading legal practitioners.

New for 2016:

8 April 2016 to 29 April 2016

Embedding best practice to protect against liability

After a sell-out roadshow in early 2015, Akolade is pleased to announce its 10th Fundamentals of Workplace Law, coming to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in April 2016.

With a fresh line up of topics, Akolade’s 10th Fundamentals of Workplace Law brings together some of the leading legal professionals in the Australian Industrial Relations landscape for a 1 day, intensive conference covering some of the most pressing legal issues facing Australia’s employees.

26 February 2016

Clinical audit is an integral part of monitoring the quality of care provided by health services. It
demonstrates the extent to which practice is in line with recommended guidelines and is a powerful tool to change practice… if used correctly. If not used correctly, it can waste valuable time and resources.