5 March 2015
Royal Children's Hospital...

There is more than one way to tell a story.

Everybody appreciates the importance of good communication. While it is important at the level of interpersonal relationships, it becomes critical for those who engage in public debate – researchers trying to get their message across to funders or to effectively disseminate their results; those who advocate for particular causes or try to influence policy makers; activists who are trying to mobilise public opinion.Read more
5 March 2015
Father Tucker's Room, Brotherhood of St Laurence, 67 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy...

This presentation will outline how Sweden and other Nordic nations achieve high workforce participation rates for women, and comprehensive, quality and affordable early childhood education and care (ECEC).  It will identify how Australia can also achieve these if the nation now considers and properly develops policies for extensive, publicly-provided ECEC, and for a proper balance between work and family life.  The economic as well as the social benefits for Australia of changing course and learning from the Nordic approach to investing in children will be outlined in detail.Read more
5 March 2015
Salvation Army's Sydney Congress Hall, 140 Elizabeth Street...

Ahead of the NSW State Election on Saturday 31 March, the NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) is holding an election forum giving communities an opportunity to raise important questions about alcohol policy.

The forum will feature a panel of political representatives – including the Hon. Walter Secord MLC (Labor Shadow Minister for Health and Shadow Minister for Liquor Regulation), Dr John Kaye MLC (Greens spokesperson on Health Services), and Reverend The Hon. Fred Nile MLC (President of the Christian Democratic Party).Read more
12 March 2015
Museum of Sydney, AGL Theatre

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has undertaken a suite of complementary research projects on the role of the housing system in productivity growth, led by internationally renowned experts in the field; Professor Duncan Maclennan (University of St Andrews, Scotland), Professor Bill Randolph (AHURI Research Centre—The University of New South Wales) and Associate Professor Nicole Gurran (AHURI Research Centre—University of Sydney).
 Read more
17 March 2015 to 18 March 2015
CQ Functions

Reforming systems to improve service delivery & quality of care

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The number of children in Out of Home Care is constantly increasing. Both government and community service providers are finding it difficult to build organisational capacity whilst at the same time ensuring the safety of children in care.Read more
18 March 2015 to 19 March 2015
Bayview on the Park

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How is your organisation responding to increased customer expectations and demands?Read more
18 March 2015 to 19 March 2015
Royal Randwick

Australia has forever faced the challenge of sustainably managing its limited water resources, continually balancing the need to provide safe, secure and affordable water to both households and industry in variable climatic conditions.

It is through these challenges that the Australian water, construction, food and beverage, and agricultural industries, have become world leaders in the development of innovative solutions for water and wastewater management to make practices more efficient and effective.Read more
19 March 2015
Sofitel on Collins

How productive is Australia's healthcare system? What opportunities exist to improve service delivery? In one of his first major speeches since the privatisation of Medibank Private in November 2014, Managing Director George Savvides will deliver a keynote address on the health and productivity agenda, including:Read more
19 March 2015
Father Tucker's Room, Brotherhood of St Laurence, 67 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy...

Jill Manthorpe is Professor of Social Work and Director of the Social Care Workforce Research Unit at King’s College London. The Unit undertakes studies of social care for the government's Department of Health investigating new roles, system changes and workforce profiles and sets these in the context of user experience and social care practice.  Jill has particular interest in adult safeguarding and her studies in this area include those of Adult Serious Care Reviews, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, Risk and Personalisation, and the Care Act 2014.Read more
20 March 2015 to 19 March 2015
Pan Pacific Perth

Over time community needs and wants change according to available knowledge and resources. As a consequence rules and regulations must change.  It is incumbent upon the public service to review, design, and implement regulations in the most efficient possible manner.

Regulatory reform presents the public service with an opportunity to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering public good. Read more