5 May 2016
Father Tucker's Room, Brotherhood of St Laurence, 67 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy...

Australia’s health system is consistently failing some communities. When people are hospitalised for conditions like diabetes or tooth decay – conditions that should be treatable or manageable out of hospital – these are warning signs of system failures. Yet places like Mount Isa and Palm Island in Queensland, and Broadmeadows and Frankston in Victoria, have had appalling rates of potentially preventable hospital admissions for at least a decade.Read more
9 May 2016 to 11 May 2016
Novotel Sydney Central

As collaboration becomes fundamental to research, facilities are being designed and developed to accommodate multi disciplinary activities.
Research Facilities Design & Development 2016 will feature interactive case studies, panel discussions and champagne round table discussions to help facilitate understanding of best practises for creating innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary research environments.

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Specific topics will include:Read more
9 May 2016 to 11 May 2016
Novotel Sydney Central

The release of the National Innovation and Science Agenda gives research, science and innovation a much needed boost to unlock new opportunities for the country.

In light of this, HigherED IQ have put together the Research Innovation Summit 2016.

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9 May 2016


Recent disasters, both man-made and natural, have sparked intense debate over the question “what should citizens expect from their governments with respect to risk control?” We know what they expect. Citizens expect their governments to be vigilant (quick to spot emerging threats), nimble enough to organize around them, and skilful enough to suppress them before they do much harm. At the same time they expect regulatory policy and practice to be efficient, unobtrusive, and not to stand in the way of economic growth and prosperity.Read more
11 May 2016 to 13 May 2016
Radisson Blu

Building on the success of the Akolade NFP conference series the forum will bring together sector leaders with experts on social innovation, government and community agencies, philanthropic organisations, peak bodies and some of the most innovative Australian Not-For- Profits. We are delighted to announce the 2nd annual Innovative Business Models in Not-For-Profits forum to be held in Sydney from 11-13 May, 2016!Read more
11 May 2016 to 12 May 2016

Explore the discipline of project management in a policy context. Key phases such as project initiation, planning, execution and control will be examined using a practical framework for policy implementation. Participants will also be guided to better manage their time as they work towards the effective completion of a policy project.
Led by Professor Michael Mintrom, a recognised authority on policy entrepreneurship, this workshop is a must for all those involved in policy planning and management.Read more
16 May 2016 to 19 May 2016

Program overview

This executive workshop has been designed by Christine and Amanda to provide a supportive environment to female executives in the public sector to explore and pioneer new ways of doing leadership and management work. The workshop has an explicit focus on female leadership and will encourage participants to share experiences and challenges, to learn from each other and to consider current thinking on women’s leadership.Read more
19 May 2016
Old Parliament House

As user centric approaches to Government service delivery, pioneered by the UK Government Digital Service change how Governments worldwide meet their citizen's needs, Web Directions brings you experts from the GDS, Code For America, the US Digital Service and Australia's own Digital Transformation Office to address this vital issue.Read more
23 May 2016 to 24 May 2016

Program overview

Every organisation is unique, with its own identity, strengths and issues to deal with.  This course acknowledges these differences and aims to help managers and leaders implement meaningful and practical steps to strengthen organisational integrity. It will :Read more
24 May 2016 to 26 February 2016
Menzies Hotel

All levels of government and the private sector now engage in various forms of online transactions. As much as security systems are in place to prevent and detect fraud, the landscape is constantly changing at a rapid rate.

As the methodologies employed by fraudsters continue to increase in sophistication, organisations need to constantly stay ahead of the game and be continuously equipped to thwart and address incidences of fraud.Read more