30 May 2016 to 1 June 2016

30-31 May, 2016 Sydney - Essentials (2 days)
30 May - 1 June, 2016 Sydney - Extended (3 days)


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30 May 2016
Cairns Institute James Cook University Cairns Ground Floor Room (D3:063)

An inter-disciplinary examination of cause and effect in public health. The workshop will examine the question, "How should a hypothetical $100 million be allocated over a ten-year period to maximise value for money in improving health in the region?

Which pre-conditions of good health or ill health are most ripe and most fundamental for new investment?

Is poor diet, parasite load, vitamin deficiency, socio-economic disadvantage, discrimination, poor education or lack of physical activity most likely to influence health at the population scale?Read more
31 May 2016 to 1 June 2016
Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

Building an integrated approach to outcomes measurement

Developing, implementing and sustaining a cost-effective health program is a continued challenge for the healthcare sector as a whole. Particularly as funding changes, it is important for policy officers and program managers to have confidence in the substantial outcomes of policies and programs.Read more
2 June 2016
Father Tucker's Room, Brotherhood of St Laurence, 67 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy...

Miranda Stewart will present on some key tax and transfer measures in the recent budget and election proposals of the Government and Opposition. She will discuss issues of fairness, fiscal sustainability and the agenda of ‘jobs and growth’.Read more
2 June 2016
Swinburne University, Hawthorn Campus. Lecture Theatre AMDC301 Hawthorn Campus

Without Education Aboriginal Peoples will always be second-class citizens: What strategies and lessons for reform are offered by the Treaty debate and Constitutional Recognition?

In Australia after years of lethargy and submission to the status quo - the idea of Treaty and Constitution Recognition is again back on the political agenda. But how do these debate explain and address policy and schooling failure of Aboriginal children?Read more
7 June 2016 to 8 June 2016

Participants will review the key concepts of cost-benefit analysis, as well as the various ‘tips and traps’ involved in conducting a study.
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8 June 2016 to 9 June 2016
Pullman Cairns International

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Despite Indigenous engagement being at the forefront of many political agendas, evidence would suggest Indigenous communities still lack exposure to education, employment and enterprise.


This agenda tackles how to drive change and ensure the gaps in opportunity between mainstream and Indigenous Australia is well and truly closed.



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15 June 2016 to 17 June 2016
QT Canberra

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Maximising the potential of female leaders

This conference will explore the inspirational experiences of women in leadership positions within the public sector, and the stories of male leaders who are standing with female leaders to drive long-lasting change.Read more
21 June 2016 to 22 June 2016
Rydges Sydney Central

Don’t Be Afraid – It’s Time to Innovate and Look Forward
The Australian Public Sector: True Connections

One-day case study led forum and two post forum workshops
21-22 June 2016, Rydges Sydney Central
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21 June 2016 to 23 June 2016

Back by popular demand, Akolade’s Contract Law Fundamentals returns with a freshly researched 1-day intensive examination of the key obstacles and challenges faced by Australia’s contract professionals. With 7 Case Law Review sessions and an exclusive panel discussion on contract selection, default clauses and due diligence, Akolade’s Contract Law Fundamentals is a practical, strategy driven Masterclass delivered by over 36 of Australia’s leading legal practitioners.

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