Topic Guides

20 April 2017

This guide provides a quick overview of data sources for key statistics relating to the Forestry sector: production, trade and employment.

19 April 2017

This practitioner resource provides practical guidance for involving children in child-safe organisations, based on what children and young people have said themselves.

3 April 2017

In February 2017, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs announced a list of significant anniversary dates which will be the focus of commemoration during 2017.

31 March 2017

Outlines key information about the Anzac landing in Gallipoli and provides further resources.

21 March 2017

This guide provides current statistics on immigration detainees in Australia (onshore) since 1989/90.

7 March 2017

Kashrut is a body of Jewish law that prescribes what foods can and cannot be eaten, and how they must be prepared and eaten. Kosher foods are those that meet the standards of Kashrut and hence are ‘fit’ or ‘proper’.

3 March 2017

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides support to people with disability, their families and carers. It is jointly governed and funded by the Australian, and participating state and territory governments.

20 February 2017

This quick guide contains the most recent tables showing the composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender.

15 February 2017

This tool has been designed to help New Zealand policy practitioners articulate their policy skills profile.

15 February 2017

This tool has been designed as a team planning and development tool for policy managers in the New Zealand public service.