Topic Guides

7 October 2014

Focused on the longer term safety and wellbeing of infants less than two years old, this kit draws on research evidence to support and strengthen the knowledge, skills and confidence of frontline workers to understand the needs of infants; notice early if an infant is vulnerable; and provide appropriate support to infants and their families.

23 September 2014

This guide outlines best practice for the publication and sharing of sensitive research data in the Australian context.

3 September 2014

With the NZ national election due to take place on Saturday 20 September, this quick guide explains the Mixed Member Proportional voting system (MMP), campaign spending rules as well as how to vote on the day.

22 August 2014

A new resource from ACELG will assist rural, remote and Indigenous (RRI) local governments improve their engagement with the communities they serve. While there are numerous resources available about community engagement, this is the only toolkit specially designed for the needs and circumstances of RRI councils

14 August 2014

Digital business kits are designed to address industry-specific gaps in digital knowledge and support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and Not For Profit organisations (NFPs) use innovative digital and broadband-enabled platforms to engage with clients, market products and services, and enhance business processes.

11 August 2014

Provides an overview of the Australian naval shipbuilding industry since the 2013 federal election, looking at the current status of naval shipbuilding, the positions of Australian political parties, and what is likely to be done in the future.

23 July 2014

This guide is part of a compendium of resources focusing on children who bully at school, which focuses on effective ways of working with families to interrupt the continuity from school bullying to later adverse life outcomes.

23 July 2014

This guide aims to provide practitioners and other professionals with information on school bullying and ways to work with and support families with a child who is bullying others.

18 July 2014

Provides key links to websites with information on crime and law enforcement arrangements and issues.

18 July 2014

Provides key links to websites with information on national security arrangements and issues.