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Research report

15 Mar 2016

This report for the Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services is volume 7 of 'Child Abuse And Neglect: A Socio-legal Study of Mandatory Reporting in Australia'.

This study aims to explore trends in the reporting of child abuse and neglect by different reporter...

Journal article

13 May 2015

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) model has been presented as the solution to many of the problems inherent in responses by authorities to child sexual abuse. The lack of referral to therapeutic services and support, procedurally flawed and potentially traumatic investigation practices, and conflict between...


5 Feb 2015

Grounded in the Australian child welfare context, this chapter posits that modern approaches to child protection reflect a residual approach to social welfare. It charts the broadening of the scope of child protection and discusses both differential response and public health approaches as instrumental reforms....

Journal article

15 Jan 2015



This paper describes a six-year large scale implementation of the Signs of Safety practise framework in a complex statutory child protection context in Western Australia. The case study documents both the practitioner-led and organisational-led implementation journey as part of the State's...



23 Oct 2014

The tragic death of four-year old Chloe Valentine in South Australia has raised concerns that the state’s child protection system is in crisis. Following a history of abuse and neglect, Chloe’s mother and her partner repeatedly put Chloe on a 50-kilogram motorbike and filmed her...

Journal article

9 Oct 2014

We report a five-nations project in comparative child protection to provide recommendations on policy and practice to inform the redevelopment of the Swiss child protection system. The Swiss Federal Government and the Optimus and Oak Foundations commissioned the project—collective title: Association Programme National pour la...

Research report

21 Aug 2014

The provision of child protection services varies considerably across the world. This paper offers a broad overview of some of the main approaches to child protection used internationally. Using examples from Canada, Sweden, Belgium and the Gaza Strip, it offers policy-makers the chance to reflect...


21 May 2014

Numerous inquiries into child protection services in Australia and internationally have concluded that failures in child protection service responses are in large part attributable to: rising demand on child protection services; a workforce suffering low morale who are ill-equipped for the role; families receiving too...

Journal article

15 Dec 2013

Practice guidance for child protection services emphasises the need to engage children and support them to understand what is happening and why, to provide their perspective on events and to have input into decision-making (Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, 2011; Cossar, Brandon,...

Journal article

15 Sep 2013


Obtaining reliable estimates of the extent of child maltreatment in the community is a problem for researchers. Young people are highly desirable participants, albeit difficult to contact, for maltreatment research. Common methods for recruiting representative community samples of young people include classroom...

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