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15 Nov 2012

Drawing an analogy between the specialist skills needed in fishing to that of strategic intelligence analysis, this paper revisits the selection criteria for analysts who focus on terrorism.

As the global terrorist environment has changed significantly in the post-2001 era, additional analytical capabilities need...


25 Jul 2012

The territorial disputes in the South China Sea get much less attention than other crisis points, in the Taiwan Straits and the Korean Peninsula, but are arguably more unpredictable and dangerous. It is in the South China Sea that the components of Asia’s changing power...


13 Jun 2011

Traditionally Australia's political allegiances have been with the United States. More recently our economic fortunes have been tied to China, which is asserting itself as a global power and in the process perhaps challenging American hegemony. So do we have to choose where our primary...


12 Aug 2010

Since the election was first called on July 17, there has been little from either major party concerning foreign policy or national security. This discussion addresses the foreign policy issues not being raised during this election campaign.


22 Mar 2010

Liu Xiaobo, one of the most celebrated public intellectuals in China, was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison for incitement to subversion. Diplomats and human rights activists have joined in condemning the sentence on grounds both of its lack of legal validity and its...

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