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28 Oct 2007

This report looks at the global demand for energy, its growth and the potential effects this has on Australia’s security. The report examines Australia’s need to factor energy security into its foreign and defence policies, and develop a greater awareness of its dependence on fossil...

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7 Jun 2007

Michael Wesley assesses the neo-conservative agenda in the Pacific and the limits of Australia's plan for 'state-building' in the Solomon Islands.

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18 Aug 2005

In Griffith REVIEW 9, 'Up North: Myths, Threats & Enchantment', Michael Wesley analyses the genesis of Prime Minister Howard's foreign policy ideas and finds that his attitudes, pragramatic engagement and respect for cultural difference are a product of his youth - especially his Methodist upbringing...

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Modern societies are becoming ever more dependent on mineral resources but increasingly less self-sufficient in their production, making access to stable and reasonably priced resources central to their functioning.

And yet there is little awareness of the general dynamics, trends and forces governing the...

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