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6 Oct 2016


Trust in political parties has never been lower, but we have more and more of them, to the point where voters need magnifying sheets to read ballot papers. What is the relationship between party regulation and the nature of our democracy? How...

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31 Oct 2011

This paper presents a comparative analysis of the legal regulation of political parties as competitors in, and as new entrants to, the electoral contest. The paper focuses on laws that regulate both ballot access and the registration of political parties as ‘official’ electoral actors. It...

Research report

24 Apr 2006

Anika Gauja considers the need for regulations requiring political parties to adopt internal democracy. Drawing on examples from abroad, she concludes that, in spite of objections, the arguments for requiring greater intra-party democracy are compelling.

Research report

9 Jul 2005

Should the law intervene to ensure that political parties, as organisations, conform to democratic principles? Should members have the legal right to participate in a party's decision-making process? Or, at the very least, can a party be held legally accountable for failing to abide by...

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