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26 Oct 2017

Cape York leader, Noel Pearson, says Malcolm Turnbull has broken the hearts of Indigenous Australians by rejecting the Uluru Statement.

14 Jan 2010

We need to base our future on a recognition of indigenous as well as British heritage, says Noel Pearson at the Sydney Festival.

FRIENDS: this evening I want to talk about the hopes we have long harboured for Australia’s future: the renewal and affirmation...

7 Oct 2009

A powerful speech from Cape York Indigenous leader, thinker and activist Noel Pearson.

In his opening address to the Brisbane Writers Festival, Pearson talks about the road to Indigenous advancement, the relationship between self interest and altruism, and how he believes the rights of...


6 Jun 2007

Noel Pearson returns to Hope Vale and finds a stark improvement in conditions in the town since a visit earlier this year. The occasion was a ceremony for signing a new agreement on welfare reform initiatives centering on home ownership, between the Commonwealth government and...


24 May 2007

Forty years after the 1967 referendum recognised the first Australians as full citizens, Noel Pearson - Australia's most innovative and effective Aboriginal leader - breaks new ground and eloquently advocates an agenda that learns from the mistakes of the past.

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