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26 Jul 2018

This report outlines some of the national security issues raised by recent changes in the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia and the United States. The regulatory regimes for screening FDI in both countries are examined, with a particular focus on how these...

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13 Nov 2017

The Global Innovation Index, the world's leading measurement of innovation across more than 80 indicators, shows Australia is not innovating enough. The economic and technological realities of an increasingly innovative world economy will inevitably catch up to Australia.

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29 Aug 2017

In the first instalment of the United States Studies Centre's new debate series, James Laurenceson and Jared Mondschein go head to head over who is Australia's most important economic partner, the United States or China?


13 Aug 2017

This study represents one of the most comprehensive analysis of the US-Australia investment relationship ever undertaken. As well as an overview of the historic foreign direct investment by the United States in Australia, the report contains a number of case studies of businesses with strong...

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