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How local governments can increase the social and economic participation of people with disability: a place-based framework for success

17 Aug 2017

More than four million, or almost one in five, Australians are living with disability across every one of the 537 LGAs in Australia. All local councils around Australia are currently involved in supporting the social and economic inclusion of people with disability.

This resource, based on extensive engagement with more than 200 councils across Australia, provides a national picture of the variety of ways local governments currently support people with disability where they live.

In addition to the local government sector, this resource was developed through a collaborative research process that included high levels of consultation with people with disability, state and territory government officials and executives of peak disability organisations.

The resource has been designed for use by all local governments across Australia. This includes small rural and large metropolitan local governments, those in growth areas and those with ageing populations.

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