Richard James

First Name: Richard
Last Name: James
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27 February 2017

This volume offers provocative ideas for transforming Australian tertiary education.

29 March 2010

This report is the fourth national study undertaken on the student perspective into the first year experience.

The principal purpose of this research is to provide...

8 June 2009

This project aimed to encourage and support greater participation in peer review of teaching through the creation of resources to assist institutions to effectively implement policies and programs...

11 November 2008

This report advocates additional documentation to be provided to graduates to make qualifications more portable and their value more transparent.

16 August 2007

This report affirms the financial difficulties many young Australians face in completing their university studies.

The findings from this AVCC survey indicate that on balance...

28 March 2007

Katrina Alford and Richard James explore school and vocational education opportunities for Indigenous people in the Victorian Goulburn Valley region, where educational participation and completion...