Design Thinking Fundamentals: 1 Day Condensed Bootcamp

Course Type: 
Short course
Course Location: 
Victoria University of Wellington Centre for Lifelong Learning – Professional and Executive Development: 
Course Commencement Date: 
28 Sep 2017


Design thinking (or service design), is a human-centered approach that aids organisations to solve their most complex challenges to create positive customer experiences.

This one-day course is an introduction to design thinking, and its relevance to business and the public sector. It’s a glimpse into the world of design and the process, methods and a focus on mindset involved in creating successful outcomes. This course emphasises these mindsets and how to approach complex problems.

Who should attend:    

Ideal for those who are curious about, or are new to, design thinking and service design, at any level within an organisation.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the key elements of design thinking and service design - including process, methods and mindset.
  • Understand the importance of and embody the design mindset(s).
  • Discuss common methods employed by designers and learn how to apply them to your organisation.
  • Experience a design process and an iterative approach to learning.
  • Link design thinking back to your role and organisation.

Course outline:    

The day is split into six sections:

  1. Mini design exercise - appropriate for those who do not consider themselves practitioners. Through this exercise we highlight the fundamental elements of the design process.
  2. Process - we start the day (proper) by looking at the process, what is it and the theory behind it.
  3. Mindsets - the crux of the day, we explore design’s secret ingredient. “It’s not what you do but how you do it that’s important.” We wrap the mindsets up in activities and tools that you’ll be able to take back to your organisation.
  4. Your organisation - we spend time understanding how these learnings can be taken back to your organisation.
  5. Design exercise - apply the day’s learnings in one final design activity.
  6. Wrap - share learnings and create action points to solidify learning.

Course format:    

This course is hands-on and fully immersive. Expect a mix of activities to enable you to learn-by-doing that are complemented with academic rigor and grounded in business reality.

The course is capped at 16 participants and will consist of individual, pair, and small group work interspersed with presentations and large group discussions guided by two lecturers/facilitators.

Full catering (lunch and breaks) is provided to allow for continued discussion and networking among participants.


Will Meadows and Matthew Ellingsen


“Great facilitation. I thought presenters created content and the theory practise balance just right.” 

"It was a great day and I really felt like I had some practical tools to take away and start using. I think people will be really engaged in this approach and it will allow us to build on our initial thinking.”


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$800.00 excl. GST
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