New research symposium on work in the "gig economy"

21 Aug 2017

The informal work practices of the so-called “gig” economy are widening existing cracks in Australia’s system of labour regulations, and should be repaired through active measures to strengthen labour standards in digital businesses. That is the conclusion of newly-published research from a special symposium on "Work in the Gig Economy," organised by the Centre for Future Work. 

The symposium includes contributions from four leading labour market scholars, first presented to a special seminar last year at the conference of the Society of Heterodox Economists in Sydney. The papers have now been published (after a peer-review process) in Economic and Labour Relations Review, an academic journal based at UNSW. 

All articles in the symposium (and the introduction by Frances Flanagan) are available for a limited time on an open-access basis through the journal’s “Online First” portal via the download resource link.

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