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16 February 2017

Australian rooftop solar is now at a crossroads – but it’s all positive. New technologies mean big data can be gathered from systems so that performance can be monitored and alerts raised if...

15 August 2016

This report presents a summary of all the findings and activities performed in the LCL-CRC research project RP1011 “Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities” and...

Journal article
28 February 2011

This paper examines potential climate change effects on buildings, highlights the potential for capacity building through education, and presents examples of adaptive strategies for building...

28 June 2004

In volume one of the final report of this project, John Blair, Deo Prasad, Bruce Judd, Robert Zehner, Veronica Soebarto and Richard Hyde use existing residential development case studies to...

19 May 2003

Overview and context of the project which seeks to develop clear methodologies for a sustainability assessment, relevant to affordable housing and urban development. This will enable a cross-...