Christina Ho

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Discussion paper

20 Feb 2018

The evidence presented in this discussion paper suggests that the capacity of our school system to act as catalyst for inclusion, equity and opportunity for Indigenous students is weakening. Rather than being places which bring people and communities together, evidence suggests that schools are yet...

Audio program

9 Sep 2015

Parental choice, supported by government funding, has produced a very diverse school system. It’s no longer the norm to send all children to the local comprehensive public high school. School choice has sharpened the dividing line between students from different socio-economic backgrounds but it also...

Discussion paper

21 Aug 2015

Daily encounters with cultural difference help establish an organic multiculturalism that becomes an ordinary part of people’s lives. People learn to deal with each other in an everyday fashion, and their differences are not a barrier to engagement and sometimes friendship. In schools where students...

Book review

11 Jul 2014

Asian immigrants work hard, study hard, pay their taxes and don’t ask for welfare: this is how they are seen in the popular imagination in immigrant countries across the Western world. In short, they are the ‘model minority’ but it hasn’t always been this way....

Journal article

3 Sep 2012

Can the arts change how we view cities? How can we evaluate the broad social impacts of arts programs, particularly in elusive areas such as the local image of urban communities? This article examines the cultural renaissance of Western Sydney, long considered a crass, working-class...

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