NTCOSS cost of living report – Issue 17

05 Sep 2017
This report examines changes in the cost of living over the past quarter and the past year in the Northern Territory, with a particular focus on cost of living pressures for vulnerable and disadvantaged Territorians.





This report focuses on changes in the CPI for Darwin across a range of key expenditure areas over the past year. It is important to note that CPI figures only reflect trends for capital cities and Australia as a whole, and cannot tell us about trends in price movement for states and territories, nor for regional areas.

While it is important to look at the movement in the generic ‘All Groups’ CPI figures, expenditure on the basic essentials makes up the majority of, or even all of, the expenditure items for low income households. It is the price increases in those areas that will have a greater negative impact on some households, and it is these areas that are the focus for NTCOSS in its Cost of Living Reports.

The report also examines the Selected Living Cost Index (SLCI), which is calculated for particular household types, and is done for the country as a whole. The report examines the SLCI figures in the context of income support payment to determine if they are keeping pace with rising living costs.




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