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Chris Dunstan

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University of Technology Sydney
Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS)

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28 Jun 2017

This study found that the current regulatory framework favours investing in network infrastructure – such as new poles and wires – over demand management involving energy providers helping consumers to reduce their power demand and bills.

The study, undertaken by the Institute for...



16 Sep 2016

South Australia’s iconic Kangaroo Island, the site of Australia’s first free settled colony, could pioneer a new age of renewable energy, according to our new research.

The first hardy settlers in 1836 had to decide whether to go it alone with a settlement on the island or revert to the...

Research report

22 Mar 2012

This report seeks to assess how well the National Electricity Market serves the long term interests of Australian consumers by considering in detail these two issues: What does “the long term interests of consumers” mean? How well is the National Electricity Market performing when measured...

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Research report

30 Jun 2011

This report presents findings on the first systematic national survey of Demand Management (DM) undertaken by electricity network service providers in Australia.



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Research report

27 Apr 2008


This report argues that the NSW electricity sector requires three critical conditions to embrace aggressively cost-effective energy efficiency and other forms of demand-side resources, such as customer-owned generation and demand-side management. Demand Management (DM) refers to...

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