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26 Jul 2018

This report outlines some of the national security issues raised by recent changes in the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia and the United States. The regulatory regimes for screening FDI in both countries are examined, with a particular focus on how these...

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10 Jul 2014

This report argues that there are eight highly persistent myths about the nature of housing markets in Australia, and seeks to tackle them.

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5 Jun 2013

The federal government, with the support of the opposition, has sought to strengthen Australia’s anti-dumping and countervailing system against cheap foreign imports. Recent changes to the Customs Act and the creation of a new Anti-Dumping Commission are designed to make it easier for Australian producers...

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26 Nov 2012

Australia’s approach to retirement incomes policy has three pillars: the means-tested age pension; compulsory superannuation; and voluntary saving, including saving via superannuation over and above that mandated by the superannuation guarantee. This paper examines the economic case for compulsory superannuation contributions and questions whether compulsory...

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27 Feb 2012

This paper considers the arguments for and against greater use of a sovereign wealth fund in Australia. It argues that the existing Future Fund is unnecessary and that greater use of a sovereign wealth fund would harm Australia’s future prosperity.

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)...

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